Tuesday Late, Late

From Sparkles:

Bowl Trolls (-3) vs Incredibowls
I originally had Incredibowls winning but apparently I’m living in the past because they just aren’t that good this season. They’ll probably rebound at some point, but I can’t see it this week. Gutterslut is rolling well and Honeyzon round out a solid lineup. Shirt szn is over for The Fuge so look for him to start regressing a bit but that won’t matter tonight.

BILF (-1) vs Burners
Burners have a tendency to drag out their matches beyond the 3 hour mark and that might be enough to net Danks and co their first win. That being said, every upset I predict goes wrong so congrats on the win, Burners!

YB2 (-1) vs Fake T Club
This line is based on YB being able to field their whole team. Lemay has been rolling great but has that Precious track record of showing up whenever she wants. CJ and Pete have been trying to carry the load but desperately need some help. T Club apparently went to B and is undefeated right now. Bucky has been struggling on this pattern so far… You know it’s not going good when I have a higher average than you. E Minor quit bowling, I think and I can’t even imagine what Roadhouse has done with the BoPo trophy. This is actually a fairly even match on paper but I’m taking YB in a close one

BEER (-1) vs SKOL
BEER is sitting 3-1 but gets a good test this week with Skol on the burn. HerbnHungRoad are all carrying the same avg sitting 14,15,16 respectively. This pattern has been great so far. The “ringers” have been struggling enough and some of the talented drunks have snuck into the Top Dawg mix. TGunzz has cooled off a bit but Skols depth will keep them in every match. Look for Trainwreck to be the key in this match game 3 after 15 MLs

SOD (-5) vs Oddballs
Oddballs seemed like they might be coming around a bit by putting up some scores on Richards. But they regressed despite winning last week. Thunder curse is still in full effect, though I’m guessing Brooklyn’s 115 avg is a typo. SOD can hang with anyone and have as deep of a roster as there is sans Kabowlski and her weird ass fingers. This would be interesting early but SOD is better suited for the burn

Sharks (-3) vs Saucy Posse
This should be an excellent match. Saucy will probably only roll 4 tonight as there roster of 13 people has terrible attendance. There was an Abralon subbing rumor that got squashed real quick because his daughter is on Sharks and dimed him out. Sorry guys, no Folgers Frames tonight. Look for Splinter to step it up tonight and Nut Sauce to keep Nutting on people. Sharks overhauled their roster with their new found No Dead Weight mentality. Dick is red hot. Cheds revenge tour is getting going and Ten Pin is finding it. Everything is clicking so it’s tough to go against them until someone challenges them.

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