Thursday Late Lines

Well what do you know, another late shift for the Doctor.  Farmer says “I got early, shit all over them, they leave, I get easy 180s.  You take late shit all over them, and then have everyone all over your shit while you get loose and roll 140s.”  I said, “I will take late!”  THURSDAY!!!!!!!  #BestDayoftheWeek #FuckYourTuesday #NoOffense #OneLove #OneBoPo

Now let’s do this shit!

Well, John Goodman plays them all straight as hell, #RealWalter……Man wow I do not follow any of that advice.  May start to now, except the not drinking part, that could be a problem, so mad props to the #DryJanuary crew, two nights left.  Strong ass work, we salute you!

On February first that whole crew drinks so much that they get stomach pumped that night or early morning.

Here is Hungus finding Farmer and Thunder passed out on the couch February first in the owner’s box:

Got him again.  Didn’t we lock you in the dumpster one time?  I GOT OUT!

Real Late:

Guacabowle (2-1) -1.5 versus My Balls (1-3):  My Balls have come out of the gate strong as shit, but like shit they have been stomped on.  They fight again tonight but they get stomped on like shit.  Here is Farmer, Hungus, Cheese and Thunder on the podcast:

Sorry off topic.  Wins are coming for Cyngus, Luna and crew, but not tonight.  Guac is Thursday team to beat now that DHD got killed by Tuesday A’s worst team:

Cheese asked Dick Whitman who he thought had a higher average on this past week’s podcast LaLa or Glossy, Dick responded, “Without looking?!?!!?”  Total fucking dumbass.  I fucking loved it, strong cast boys, the Doctor was playing hide and seek with Dr. Thunder Jr. and Frisbee Girl at LL Bean during the show, fuckers kicked shit out of me I thought they had been kidnapped.  Not that kidnapping is to be taken lightly:

My man, strong work DW, sorry to miss it like you miss the pocket on every shot you piss drunk cock.  Mitch Cumstein only co-owns and works at Howie’s because he wakes up there everyday next to Dick Whitman and Holden Green, here is Holden Green walking into Howie’s and getting questioned by Dick Whitman:

Watch out for Guac this match will be a dance party that ends like this:

This jerkoffs got period blood on his pants!!!!!!

Here is Cheese, Farmer and Hungus giving Thunder podcast feedback:

Farmer currently laughing at desk.  Not exactly a party pit match but My Balls will hang deep into game three, but they will fall to the men and women of Guac, and then we postgame!  If My Balls keeps losing here is Cleveland, Cyngus, and Lefty at the end of the season:

#WeHadFishTacos #BritishKnights #JawBone #DieNowProbably #ThisIsHowYouDoMe!

Touch My Excite (2-2) -5 versus Tats & Tits (0-4):  T&T is one of my favorite teams to play.  Hungus put these cats on TOTY radar stat.  Red Empire and Rubbys are like the most fun damn cutest couple in the league, positive upon positive vibes, super fun.  TC is a silent assassin smooth ass stud with baby twins at home.  Respect homeboy been there done that, shoutout to #1!  No shoutout for Tron though, went for three but never two for one, it’s a skill.  Shoutout to myself.  Shoot, back to T&T, Greg is slaying pins, Hambone looks good, and if you play these guys and don’t have a great time, well then either you didn’t want to have a great time or don’t know how.  TMX has lost some tough ones, but they are solid.  LaGa squad plays to win, Squatch has eyes on the #ASG (a nation turns its lonely eyes to you).  Here is Squatch walking into the wrong hotel room PBA weekend, what a voice on that kid:

#TheseEyes  Who’s that guy?  Your Jimmy’s brother!  TMX pulls way and potentially finishes them in two and continues having a blast in game 3.#Don’tMakeThisWeird #Let’sGetWeird  Here is T&T at The Jeweled Tool Box with Spare of the Dog after the match:

I love the, this place is dead anyway guy, absolute best, damn lots of campus crawls with my fraternity brothers, no we weren’t like that we were like this:

Farmer laughs again, #sorry

Roll Another (1-2) -10.5 versus Granola (0-3):  You cats think the curse of Thunder is bad?  Try the curse of Colucci Kid on for size!!!!  Ouch!!!!

Honestly this is literally CK in CA right now:

Much respect, Granola doing what most of us doing hanging with their crew on a Thursday night, having a few drinks, a few laughs, if they happen to shock the world and ruin Roll Another’s non-party so be it.  Bones is another BoPoer that got busy in the offseason and has a newborn at home, breaking news everyone is pregnant or just had a baby.  This shit is worse than that BoPo plague we get every few years that really makes you question your lifestyle choices, but this is way worse, you bring another human in the world.  Brutal run out and get snipped, or head for the hills before it affects you.  Sorry for the Doctor PSA, back to the lines.  Roll Another don’t give a fuck, Bones got a 98.7 average and don’t give a fuck.  Here’s bones and his daughter 9-11 years from now:

Shit he had a son, sorry bro, sticking with it, good clip.  Uncle Buck, Flo, Chup, The Package, Burn Unit, don’t sleep on this crew, they’ve been coming every fucking Thursday night since 2008, and you know what:

That’s right Much Respect.  When people tell someone in their 40s that they are old, they say fool I watched Michael Jordan live.  You have no idea what that is like. Roll Another is seeing something every Thursday night in BoPo that they have never seen before for the last 12 years.  #Respect

Not to be confused with this:

Now you’s can’t leave, I remember hearing it in the theater clear as day 20 some years ago and thinking wow these dudes fucked up big time they have a smashing coming.  Farmer at his desk nods.

Pin Ups (1-3) -1 versus Lesbowlians (1-3):  Leadership Bubba and Tilt have life so good when hit with a hard pattern they like fuck it, come Thursday, get loose, send em at the pins, and do other awesome shit the leftover 6 days of the week.  One of my favorite couples in BoPo and the straw that stirs the drink on this team of the year cocktail.  On paper I would pick the Lesbowlians but since Farmer picks against them I have to do the same.  MacBalls one night out, Manson and fake Sneaky I mean Silky Pete are like we need some help, and everyone else like sorry guys Thursday:

That’s what it is, I think these long time BoPo teams battle down to end of game 3, and quite personally I hope they ring that bell!!!!

Spare of the Dogs (0-4) -15 versus TDYOB (2-2):  The Dogs have been awoken.  Thunder left these bums for dead and then tried to apologize and they got more pissed.  Word on street they are pregaming together, so Dogs can get them to tank, all of TDYOB is skipping save for Thunder who is going to tank anyway:

Classic Thunder, Farmer chuckles again.  I had a buddy named Chuckles once, poor guy:

First time Dr. Thunder Jr. saw that on TV, he was probably 6, I was like what the hell, who knows where Sneaky Pete is, Ultimate Girl was there too, but that girl don’t give a fuck about shit.  DTJ starts crying right when T Rex takes dude off double seat down shitter.  Man get taken off one of my double seat down events, well rough way to go:

My man Farmer laughed again.  So Bombpop and Thunder meeting somewhere at around 4:15/4:30, both teams Slab 5:30 get some food in ya we roll the burn, always.  Barcadia get my freaking Galaga on, then the Dogs go off on the lanes.  Casual Hundo saved her Casual 3hundo for this match, peak Jewdy, Probie, Bombpop and Yao all night, Mona pulling all the strings and knocking down pins.  If that happens Munson quits and we all get more games.  Damn, another Thursday night, my favorite night of the week, I know why folks have Tuesday as their favorite night of the week, BOPO:

Yep Bo Bo Bo Bo BoPo!


Now let’s get loose!

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