A New Writer!

Double Cheese takes a shot at Tuesday early, with one hour’s notice.  Thanks Cheese!

OC v Swinging Richards (-3)
Almost 100 pins difference on paper but I doubt it will be so lopsided on the lanes.  Mama goes big, J Hoss goes big, maybe Natro channels his inner Carl Spackler for a mid-level point.  Then again the Dicks have 4 bowlers in the top 25 and 5 All-Stars total.  I see this going 3 games, but the Richards pull it out in game 3 for the big finish.
BUI v Sharks (-3)
Man I want to pull for the dangerous Thursday squad here but they haven’t been as dangerous yet this season.  Duke Thunderwood has been showing some old form but they need them some G Unit and they need it now.  Sharks are always dangerous, now tied for the league lead with the Richards’ loss.  This feels like a 2 gamer, but maybe BUI takes some game 3 points to narrow the spread.
Strikes on Tap (-5) v Mindz in the Gutter
Man I like a good M*A*S*H reference, at least I hope that’s what ScrapperJohnMR is going for.  Looks like he will also be going for top point in this match as SOT looks to maintain their lead in Tuesday A.  Princess Pinnacle and lady two-hander La Femme will battle for points against the Noyes crew, but you know Disco Cosmo has scouted this match and is rallying their crew to make some Noyes.  And you know Silver Swayze is going to be bringing that undeniable exuberance to this one.  SOT in 2 but the fun will last all 3 games.
Whoomp v Bowl Trolls (-9)
Whoomp was getting some work in this week, maybe they knew they would have their hands full in this one.  Gutterslut looks to dominate top point, but the real battle will be on the (strike) dance floor.  Will the DJ’s vibe ultimately favor the likes of Mad Max, Mondo, or maybe Sexy Steen?  Or will Fuge lay down those sweet sweet moves and keep the Trolls pushing toward a B-title-defense stretch run?  Truth be told I don’t think anyone knows.  Tonight we get answers.
Splits Happen (-5) v BARE
The Splits have been well-represented on the practice lanes lately, and I think that regimen will get them the W tonight.  That, and a higher team average.  Bones and Triple G figure to set the scoring pace, but Sticky Fingers and Buff Broadway will keep them honest.  Give me John McEnroll over Robbie V by virtue of bowling name, but Splits take this one when the pins are counted up.
NED (-1) v Ball That
NED has been gaining momentum after a slow start, and you know Burt wants to push Spidey as top NED dog (just keep pointing to your brick, Burt).  Ball That is looking good in the standings but Squampch’s crew is giving up almost 20 pins per game tonight so Twinks is going to have to stand on his tippy-Toes to give the NEDers some pressure.  I see Chatty and RipCity taking points but ultimately NED pulls this one out of their Tush.

3 thoughts on “A New Writer!

  1. Shot out to whomever the DJ was last night for the Tuesday night early BoPo league game…he was freaking awesome!!! Great dance…I mean bowling tunes!

    Another fun night!

    Disco Cosmo
    Mindz in the Gutter

      1. What I love about this league, is it has been the same fun ass league forever. My Balls is next!

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