More Cheeeeeese

Saucy (-3) v YB2
YB2 had LOS on the ropes and Pistol Pete went vintage pleather in game 3 but ultimately they lost a tight match, and after tonight it will be two in a row.  Sure Cracker Jack, All Day Lemay, and their three bricks will loom large in all 3 games but gimme the Master and his mutants in this one.  Nut Sauce looks to maintain her Nut Sauceness.  Beef Strokinoff’s savory swing proves too much for YB2.
Oddballs v XXX Club (-1)
This one feels like G.O.T.N. material.  Oddballs are kinda filthy on paper, slightly less so on the lanes so far this year, which makes their 6-1 record that much more impressive.  HBK starting to get it together with Tinderella backing him up, but tonight they will have to bring it.  Bucky loves the burn squad about as much I do, but tonight he and Roadhouse do some dirty dancing all over the top two points and bowling-for-free-this-week’s Bora Bora will clean up her points to ultimately tip the scales toward Club.  E Minor also bowls in this match.
Skol (-13) v Hazzard
To be honest it’s hard to even pick Hazzard to get a point in this one but I figure LB is wily enough to figure something out.  Last year’s runner up Skol will dish out heavy doses of Tommy Gunz, captain Viking, and happy-to-be-an-All-Star T-$, while Flash, Marne and Luke try not to get hit by flying pins.
Bingas (-1) v SOD
Binga’s sitting at 2-6 should scare the denim out of SOD.  Norm Duke’s recent victory should give Jerk a spiritual boost as he makes his return to the lineup after a week of coaching his squad from the DL.  Rev Lord has slipped down the stats page a little, and he and Couch will try to navigate the burn in hopes of locking up top points.  A big night from Diesel and MCX would be well-timed, and flat out necessary, but I see G-Boi and Cookie doing what it takes to put SOD through the RINGA.
Poultry Ass (-1) v Burners
I’m a big fan of food-related names so already leaning Poultry in this one.  That being said only 10 pins separate these teams on average so it’s going to be a shootout.  It’s also going to be a long one as I expect the between-game time management to be loose.  The kitchen will be long-closed and stools will be on tables as this one wraps up.
Incredibowls (-3) v BILF
This one will be a barn-burner – Boston and Danks go way back and I’d wager there has been some trash talk coming into this one.  God of Thunder should take top lefty point, but Old Thumper will look to do some thumping and they also have Jorts (who I don’t know but what a great name).  ‘Bowls in 3.

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