All Star Teams

Draw party is complete!  Magic picked the names out of the BoPo Cup, so blame or thank him

Team number is also starting lane number.  Odd numbered teams don’t move lanes even numbered teams move a pair right each game
Team 9 Team 10 Team 11 Team 12 Team 13 Team 14
Cheddar Sparkles Deputy Cheese Dick D Jour Splinter
Duke T Tango Jammy J Gen Tso Squatch Dutch
Badger Manson Holden Green Couch Southpaw Precious
Mo $ Rotini Seatown Viqueen McStriker All Day Lemay
White Russian Luna Bora Bora LL Master Chernobes Corn Nut
Team 15 Team 16 Team 17 Team 18 Team 19 Team 20
LD Davenport K Hungus Putt Putt Pss 10 Pin HB Railroad Cleveland
Herbn Legend The Dentist Rev Lord MrFlorida Spidey Sparetime
Capt Spare-O Soccer Dad Suave Lefty Gutterboy G Force T-$
Nugget Nut Sauce Tilt A Whirl Speedy Weiner Mama D Lala
MacBalls Mookie Oak Das Ducken Lil Pickle Keglinger Ice Ice Mary


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