Bracket Tourney Two – March 11th

Nut Sauce reminded me that last year we did a top 32 average Bracket tourney in March.  That sounds like something we should do regularly.  Brooklyn won the whole thing.  I think Heartbreak Kid won the betting pool.

So, let’s do it again.  We’ll use basically the same rules as last year, with a couple of tweaks to speed it up and make the finish more exciting

Top 32 averages as of March 1 get an invite.  Matchups will be drawn randomly.  First two rounds are best of two (total pin tiebreaker, if total also tied one ball bowloff).  Quarters, semis and finals are 1 game matches to make for more exciting viewing.  Tiebreaker in one game rounds is a one-ball bowloff.

I’ll have the updated stats sometime tomorrow and will send out invites and post on facebook.  Entry fee will be $20, payouts $50 each 3rd and 4th, $100 to 2nd, $200 to 1st.  Lots of side bets and a bracket pool will be available too.

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