Farmer Haikus

Hey all!  Tuesday night lines aren’t my thing (unless I’m rolling), but Tuesday night haiku poetry is definitely not my thing!  Either way, enjoy the following for tonight’s matches:


SKOL (-3) v SOD

SKOL has a true ace

Tommy Gunzz will get high point

Deisel has no chance


Saucy Posse (-3) v. XXX Club


Both have won BoPo

But Saucy has Nut Sauce so

They will get the win


OC (-3) v. Strikes of Hazzard


OC gets the win

Hazzard is glad they won once

Long season for them


Ball That (-5) v. Brooklyn Hookers


No playoffs this year

Hookers ride the Struggle Bus

And Ball That crushes


Poultry Ass (-5) v. Mindz in the Gutter


Chicken Butt is good

Iceberg built a solid team

PBR Tall Boys!


Strikes on Tap (-1) v. Splits Happen


This is for first place!

A close one, but in the end

Give me ScrapperJohn




BEER (-3) v. Oddballs


BEER is a deep team

Sneaky pick to win it all?

Thunder’s curse lives on


NED (-5) v. Budweisers


NED has won six straight

Spidey and Burt are crushing

So sorry, Bud Joe


Wrecking Balls (-5) v. BILF


Swanny is tanking

But they are the better team

Losses mount for Danks


Incredibowls (-5) v. Whoomp Spare It Is


This one is easy

Incredibowls by a bunch

Let’s see some dancing!


Sharks and Strikes (-1) v. Swinging Richards


This is tough to call

Don’t know who is on which team




Post all your shit talk below (in the form of a haiku)!  For example, Lala might write the following:


How dare you pick Sharks?

I have rolled 9 200’s!

We will win in two.


Or something like that….have fun tonight BoPo!

11 thoughts on “Farmer Haikus

    1. Are you talking about the two Hurricane shots I did in about two seconds???
      (Sorry reply is not Haiku.)

      Disco Cosmo
      Mindz in the Gutter

      1. DC get with it
        Rules are meant to be followed
        Have another lush

      2. buy me a drink please
        bowl better with booze on lips
        dancing is fun too

  1. I forgot a match….what a surprise. So without further ado:

    YB2 (-3) v. Lion’s Den

    Thursday to Tuesday
    Has not been kind to these guys
    But they will still win


    Thank you Das Ducken
    I’m sorry I missed your match
    You will lose tonight

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