9 thoughts on “PBA Flash Sale

  1. So had this at beginning of late lines yesterday but life got in way couldn’t finish.

    When the PBA first came to town it was new, fresh, and fun and in true Bowl Portland style we kicked the Fuck out of that thing. The PBA ProAm was off the hook. All the pros said they’d never rolled in one like it. Didn’t suck winning it either BTW….as the years have gone by priorities have shifted and while we haven’t captured the energy of year one we have still knocked it the fuck out.

    Yet we’ve got people talking shit. Crowd ain’t as hype anymore. They added noise. Paid actors. Some buttplug recently wrote a article questioning venue selection you know what I could care less about the PBA but I LOVE a good party. Doctor got his VIP pass last night. April is a 3 day run, short hours, let’s fuckig crush this thing like never before. Also who has the Fuckyata fathead? Her sister got killed last night opening cheer while we were stuffing My Balls who are fun as hell by the way. That creep Cleveland Steamer can fucking roll and damn if cyngus and Luna aren’t one of the sweetest couples in the league. Let’s fucking do this shit one more time for your mother fucking minds!


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