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Wow, mad props to everyone partying on a Tuesday night.  TDYOB took it easy Tuesday night while getting murdered 13-2 by OC and I almost died today.  Sneaky Pete said I threw an overtired tantrum.  Please, the doctor has never thrown a tantrum in his life, Jesus today sucked can’t wait to lock horns with a Fake Thursday team Bingas on a THURSDAY!!!!!  Props to any day now Bingas parents Cookie and Chernobyl who will unfortunately not be able to join us!  Only 4 regular season matches left, what a fucking bummer!

Fake Late:

Touch My Xcitement (6-4) -1 versus GOB (6-3):  Regardless what happens in this match GOB will be smoking the postgame at least 4 people deep with SeaTown, Lil Bit, Hand and Holden, set your fucking clock to it, early or late you show at Howie’s after late match these dudes are just getting the dance party started.  Check it out if you haven’t had the chance, and Dungus start paying attention these cats are making a year at TOTY, if you don’t know what that means, you don’t know.  Holden gonna be a grand richer when season over so that fall down drunk gonna be the one that laughs loudest in the end.  Yeah Hand is surly, provides zero customer service and never oils or sweeps the approaches, but who cares, dude is a good shit and runs a tight ship.  Jon Moon comes in rocks the occasional 200 and looks like The Stranger in Big Lebowski.  Town is a killer on and off the lanes, Bit is a great addition to the squad and Squeaky G needs to start showing at postgame, especially after Cheddar jumped on dudes practice lane and was like, “It’s free right punk!?!?!!?”

Take it easy Deebo!

When he leave, I be talking again, yep!  Other side of the lanes, the year of Squatch continues, smoked Buck one night, then told everyone about before getting smoked by Jerk on Monday.  LaGa always ready to strike, Spareme is looking for a refund on some tickets, Lucky Charms, Uno and 8 Bit are always up the task and they eek out a win in game 3.  Then here is Holden at Howie’s after the loss:

Bro!  Literally like midnight someone sitting at a table wearing a bikini, that’s when I walk over and say, “Did someone ask if there was a doctor in the house?”  Then she says, “No.”

My Balls (2-8) -5 versus Lion’s Den (3-7):  My Balls has been about as snake bit as a team can get.  Huge Thursday team average and nothing to show for it.  For some reason everyone brings their A game against them.  Den will do the same but at 596 versus 641 they have zero chance to win.  If I didn’t like dem dudes I’d have this at -10 to -15, but it ain’t about that:

Jesus, Das really gave it to Mokkiki there, rest of the team paid for that fucking jelly donut.

Pin Ups (6-4) -1 versus Pinny Candy (4-5):  Pin Ups very much alive in the B hunt that ICBING is going to win.  The battle of the Pin goes down on the early shift.  Only thing you can count on in this match is MacBalls and Lane Master not remembering anyone’s names including their own.

UREA! is on a bye, here is J Bird and Casual T in Costa Rica:

JB is the volleyball.

Bowled and Beautiful (4-5) -10 versus Bad News Spares (1-8):  Now this is the type of winnable match B&B foresaw before dropping down to the B side.  They move to .500 with some ho hum early side rolling:

FC Portland (5-4) -1 versus Bowlderdash (3-6):  FC been winning games sans Oolie since getting called out by Captain Caveman.  RamRod has these kids pointing in the right direction as the season winds down.  Bowlderdash will be game as these squads have almost identical team averages.  Bowloff maybe?

Party Mix (7-1) -3 versus Happy Hands Production (4-5):  PM will not go gently into the night, they aren’t conceding anything to ICBING just yet, so they will be ready to pound of the street and pet name crew.  Happy Hands playing out the string on their 100th season and aren’t going to roll over like a dog for the pissed drunk cocked crew of PM.  Bowl Murray rolls like total ass doing to being shitfaced, but PM still wins.  Here is BM after the match at the Jeweled Tool Box:

Well that’s a wrap season almost over, squeeze all that BoPo love and good fun before it’s gone!

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