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For a nerd like me, today is a great day.  Pi day (aka March 14) was another excuse for a party in college.  And having it fall on a Thursday this year is doubly good.  I expect great things from all nerds tonight!

I had a match on Tuesday (late), then another one tonight, so trust me when I tell you this is what I am thinking:

Late matches tonight have some of the largest mismatches of the year, as well as a rare visit from a Tuesday BoPo champion who will really see what we can do on a Thursday night.  Lets get to it.

LOS (-13) v. Spare of the Dog – And to be honest, I’m not really sure where Spare of the Dog will even get that 1 point.  But since I severely underestimated them last week when they extended BUI to a bowloff, I’ll put their point total a little higher than I think it will be this week, and predict a 14-1 loss.

Last week LOS put up an 860 in game 3 of their match, ruining the upset dreams of Guacabowle.  If Cheese didn’t split in the tenth coming off a double they might have gotten the 900.  Putt Putt and Cheese were putting in work on Sunday, Precious had a deep run in the bracket tourney, and those guys alone will get them plenty of points. I don’t expect Precious this week at a late match so close to the due date for his new baby, but they can get by with Stiffy and still be fine.  But I do think it would be pretty neat if Precious can climb the stats board a couple spots so LOS has the top 3 averages for Thursday…

Shout out to super sub Anapin Skywalker who subbed last week for the dogs and was almost a part of a win.  He won’t be there, though, so its back to Yao and Bombpop this week, and that means no points.  Well, 1 point.

Average Eskibros (-7) v. BUI – Any team that gets forced to a bowl-off against a short-handed Spare of the Dog, and then decides to bench a guy in the bowl-off, can’t be headed for greatness.  So says Whiskey Pete, staring forlornly into the bottom of yet another empty glass of Johnny Walker.  And now they run into a hot Average Eskibros team that has been killing people lately.  The Eskibros only have 1 loss in the Thursday division (forgot who they lost to, if you know please put it in the comments below.  Thanks!), so they actually have an inside track to the number 1 seed out of Thursday.

SoccerDad and Dentist as kids were nearly inseparable…they have pics of themselves dressed in a huge shirt from their dad like they are Siamese twins even…scary stuff from a home video:

I’m not too worried about BUI, I heard Snapshot and G-Unit went for a run to talk it out, and it looks like it went fine:

Guacabowle (-9) v. Tattoos and Titties – Ever since Dick Whitman came on the podcast and started talking shit about his team, all he has done is roll like crap.  Sparetime and Mitch (sweet 280 in the bracket tournament this week!) have been killing it, though, and they’ll lead Guac to a comfortable win over T&T, who will nevertheless have a blast.  Hambone has a sweet 170+ average, but that won’t cut it.

Cilantro currently has a 10 pin advantage over Dick Whitman for the #4 spot on the squad and the playoff games that come with it.  Dick has a ski trip next week, so will be looking to score this week and put some pressure on the last guy on the team with a truly Guac related name (Bonita’s name only kinda related to Guac).  Where have you gone Red Onion and Salt N Pepper?  And was there ever a bowler named Avocado?  Sounds like a name change might be in order for Badger!

Here’s Dick with Andy Winehouse on his ski trip next week when Guacabowle lets him know his services won’t be needed on Thursday evenings:

Break up poetry….classic Dick Whitman.

5 Finger Discounts (-1) v. Party Mix – I am calling the upset in this one.  I wasn’t going to make this pick, but then I heard Bowl Murray walking through all the scenarios and telling the team how many points they were going to score tonight:

Hard to argue with that logic!

Five Finger Discounts started slowly, but Rufio! now has her team rolling well.  Slugga, Poto, Rufio! and Log Jammer are all setting in nicely and will post solid scores.  Big Party has 3 200’s, but remember he rolled part of the year sober, and that part of the year is OVER!  Hakeem, Ric Spair and Left Beef will battle, but I think this will be the week Party Mix’s run of close wins comes to an end.

Granola Bowlahs (-3) v. Strike City – Granola finds itself a rare favorite in a match tonight, and in looking at their 50 pin team average advantage, I like their chances.  And I really hope Shamwow shows up tonight:

Strike City continues to maintain a high bar on the fun they are having each week.  They even make it a fun family affair, as this prognosticator has seen some super young fans wearing zebra gear in attendance at their matches.  Magnus loves to walk around town showing off the baby with Lil Rusty and The Brush:

Bingas (-3) v. TDYOB – People of Thursday, it is high time we welcome a team that rolls with much the same spirit as many of us to Thursday night.  Former BoPo champion (even if it was 2009, like before the league even had a Bowling Alley to call its own) Bingas will make an extremely rare Thursday night appearance in the Party Pit, so it’ll be up to us to show them what makes Thursday night the best night of the week.

We tried to do a little research about our opponent this week, so we sent Spare-O undercover to the bar to gather a little intel:

Here’s what we found out.  No Cookie or Chernoblayne in attendance due to the recent birth of their first child, Hunter Lee Lessard.  Congrats to them both, and welcome Hunter to the extended BoPo family…I wish the new parents could roll, we could have used some rusty bowlers in the match to give us a better chance.  Instead, we’ll get a former Top Dog, a 2v2 Champion, a draft league champion, a BoPo Champion, and all around fun guy Jamaican Jerk. We’ll get General Tso to keep it fair and balanced, and we’ll get Knuckles, the person who taught me to buy some galoshes in case I need to step outside real quick in my bowling shoes to get a breath of fresh air.  And, oh yeah, we get their latest signing, and man with 1 Kingshit, 2 BoPo titles, 12 illegitimate children by 7 different women, and 4,732 Mooseheads consumed (and that’s just since 2013!) in Gutterboi.  Must say it’s an odd fit, but I guess they really wanted a 177 guy so they brought him in to forever change their vibe.  It was tough sell, but here is how Jerk convinced Tso and Cookie to add their new teammate, with an assist from Hot Mango Mike:

Yeah, I’d probably go along with the idea myself if ever in that situation.

TDYOB can be counted on to do the following (in this order):

  1. Get extremely loose
  2. Grab a couple American Coronas
  3. Forget who they are bowling, what lanes they are on
  4. Have a few laughs, score a few points, then hit Howies.

Bingas will take the win, have a blast, and then begin to contemplate a permanent move to Thursdays.

Have fun tonight, and if you haven’t seen the movie about Sugarman, it’s a must watch:

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