POWER!!!!! Rankings: Week 8

1. (1) Spared No Expense (6-2): I think that makes 3 weeks in a row.  They could win out and still not win the division, though

2. (2) Baeside Rollers (7-1): Three weeks in a row here, too, I think. Established themselves as class of the Nut Conference

3. (5) Magic’s Gathering (5-3): Finally some change, with Magic’s crew jumping up 2 spots

4. (6) Walter (6-2): Still holding the quarterfinal bye in the ultra-competitive Gunzzz Division

5. (7) Schnitzengiggles (6-2): They take over the lead for the Railroad Division crown

6. (4) Murder of Crows (5-3): Lost in a battle of heavyweights, get to play Schnitzzengiggles in a monster matchup this week for the division lead

7. (9) The Big Dills (6-2): Seem to have straightened things out

8. (10) Go Flock Yourself (4-4): Rumors of their demise have been greatly exaggerated

9. (8) Hexy’s Hooligans (5-3): Won’t fall too far in a loss with no Herb’n

10. (NR) Strike Is Right (5-3): Gotta have one team from the Lala Division




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