The Home Stretch

Here we go, only three weeks left.  Tonight is about Skittles – notes below. Next week is Halloween, then the final week of the year we have Battle of the Brewery Bands which will bring around 250 people to the East Side bar while we wrap up our season.  Lastly, schedule is off tonight so another early game will be moved to West side. Enjoy these last few weeks…

This year we are doing something different to honor Skittles and raise money for the Boys and Girls Club or Portland. We are holding the fund raiser during Draft League. Oct 24th is the date. We will have 2 50/50 drawings – one during the early shift and 1 during the late shift. We will have donation buckets on the lanes – so your team can come up with “penalties” – perhaps you donate $1 for every single pin pick up you miss. $5 for every beer frame. Costumes are always encouraged – so bring tons of $1 bills and lets remember Skittles and raise money for her favorite charity.

Magic’s Gathering (5-3) -1 vs Denim Vajean (6-2):  This should be a good one.  Lots of bricks held by players on these two teams, and lots of titles.  Magic’s team has a pretty unbeatable lineup when he wants to run it.  Buck sports a decent 239 average, and Denim’s Splinter counters with a solid 228.  Shootout city.  There should be some spectacular scores, but ultimately Magic’s depth will wear down the Vajean.  Brooklyn’s still well over 200 and G-Unit hovering around 190.  Here’s Buck trying out a new vibe after another night of huge scores.  Nice sweatshirt too.


Spared No Expense (6-2) -11 vs Dream Team (2-6): Well, technically with three weeks left noone has been eliminated from playoff contention other than Aperol Splitz.  The Dream Team is pretty close to the edge, suffering though a long losing streak and taking on the number one team in the league with elimination on the line.  Spared No Expense has started bulldozing everyone lately, which is easy to do when your 3rd guy averages 200.  Jr Hoss gets the win and eliminates his dad tonight, intense familial drama.  Here’s a sneak peek at their battle.

Strike Is Right (5-3) -3 vs Phish Bowl (4-4): I  don’t remember everything about last week (or yesterday for that matter), but I seem to remember Phish Bowl lost 14-1 or 15-0 ina. shocking result.  That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Duke T and Squatch have been solid all year.  They’re still in playoff position and will look to rebound against the streaky Strikes.  When Jerk and Hungus are good, they’re very very good, and when they’re bad, they’re bad.  Last week the good version showed up. If they get that again they’re looking pretty at 6-3.  Here’s Jerk and Hungus getting ready for the football game after bowling early.

Baeside Rollers (7-1) -3 vs The Big Dills (6-2): This will be a nice little battle for the division crown. Both teams are shoe in for the playoffs but skipping a few rounds ahead can’t hurt.  Cheese is due to get that brick soon, maybe tonight?  The Dills have been a solid all-around team, lead by Cleveland but getting solid performances up and down the lineup.  I’ll take Cheese over the Pickles, now try to get this song out of your head.

Go Flock Yourself (4-4) -3 vs Vice Squad (3-5): GFU have gotten to .500 and a playoff spot, but are still looking for their first division win.  They get their chance against Seatown’s fading Vice Squad.  Last week I really pumped the Squad’s tires only to watch them lose, so I’m hopping off the bandwagon this week.  The Flock’s record is catching up with their average, so I’ll just assume they win again.  If someone brings a panflute we can watch them celebrate like this after the game.

Vintage Thrust (5-3) -1 vs Rufio and the Sauced Boys (3-5): Rufio posted on facebook this morning looking for a player tonight, usually a rough sign.  Their Railroad signing has kept them in the mix, and they aren’t dead yet, but they face a tough climb.  Big Party is pulling off his usual magic, getting a lot more wins than his team average would indicate.  Big overachiever.  Here’s something I didn’t know about, but the Thrust Meter should have some strong readings tonight.

Dolla Bets (5-3) -9 vs The Hole Package (2-6):  Should be another walk in the park for Cerrano and crew.  Holden Green is coming off an 18.  Hole Package has lost 5 in a row.  It’s also early, not Hole Package’s strength.  Early is Natro’s strength though. He’ll be psyched with another early match, he likes to start early.

Walter (6-2) vs Cakeballs II (3-5):  Tom E Gunz gets to battle his protege Viking on the West side tonight.  I expect him to handle him, particularly with the Vikings on at 8:20 and Viking’s attention distracted, but Cakeballs hasn’t had the depth of Walter’s division leading squad.  Walter’s team can’t afford to slip up with Spared No Expense chasing them, and I don’t think they will.  Here’s a long video of the master vs protege battle, but ultimately we all lose

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