Thunder’s Return To Line Writing

Honestly, cheers to Thursday, what a great day, you know why because we are alive so let me be the
first to say:

Here’s to now. Also, I know firsthand we all go through some shit as these cats so eloquently croon, but
her they got great advice telling people to kiss off into the air:

Seriously though we all go through some shit and at the end of it all we all have choice even when it
feels like we don’t. When you get so low you don’t think you can get up, ask for help, I did, and it saved
my life. There a lot of great medical avenues out there that can lead one to a more fulfilled life, the
world needs us all. When really down and out this is always one to keep in mind, it takes a quick google
search and you are talking to someone that cares about you and wants to see you well for a long time:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 1-800-273-8255
Thunder PSA over, ugh, when you think you are out, they pull you back in. Farmer is in Spain visiting Lug
Nut who is traveling abroad. So Here I go. All late they said, it’s great no rush, fulfill obligations go bowl
and rage. That worked for ten years, but wow now the Doctor is getting older and less physically active
and more sit at the bar and on the sideline active, and shit is getting tough. Gonna have to switch to all
early next year, no booze just coffee and Red Bull and probably roll a 230 average. End of the day I got
no regrets because, well:

Yep, it could have been way worse, and you know what I still love ya!
Speaking of it could have been worse:
Yes, is Definitely not More it is in Fact Less (3-5) +10 versus Any Given Thursday (5-3) (worst team name
in league): AGT is going to smash the hell out of these guys. Speaking of being smashed as hell here was
that piss drunk cock Dick Whitman’s and Mitch Cumstein’s first order of business when they took over
Mitch: “First order of business we need to change the WIFI password.”
Dick: “What the fuck is the WIFI password?”
Mitch: “Squeallikeapig!”
Dick: “Really?!???”
(Do not look up the clip from the movie Deliverance on YouTube, worst thing about that is we had to
read that book in HS, wow that’s all boys Catholic High School for ya!)
Mitch: “Yep.”
Dick: “Well Jesus we have to change that fucking thing immediately.”

Mitch: “Yep! Got to keep it simple I’m thinking howiespub.”
Dick: “I concur.”
These idiots thought they won last week. Bro, when I say won, I mean won. These fucking guys running
around lanes high fiving each other. “We did it boys, sorry and girls, we did it we fucking won!!!”
Farmer screaming it while telling everyone to eat his ass. Came up me and said, “Hey Thunder did you
win tonight!!!!???” I’m like “Dude it was a rough….” Farmer interrupts me “Well we did fuckhead!!!
Lick my taint!” I’m like “Dude you are two seconds from getting knocked out.” Not by me Hand almost
knocked his teeth out still high from a 253. Walking out still screaming “we did it guys!” Tilt, walking out
goes “Guys what the fuck are you talking about we won!” They lost 8-7, idiots, absolute idiots, gave
themselves a point losing 171-162 game 2. When I found that out Friday I immediately got in a good
mood. They are like what?!?! She’s like yeah Cupcake says we won. You guys counted wrong. All late
will get to ya. Trust me the Doctor knows. Rick and Dick were furious, Farmer goes to me, “Who gives a
fuck we got that great feeling victory and then it was funny as hell, but yeah Rick and Dick were
despondent.” Tango currently googling “despondent” ha ha. Farmer and Vaughn miss this game no
clue who they are playing think Diesel’s team who is going to kill them.
Shirtless Fuckers (3-5) pick em versus Truth Hurts (3-5): Nugget and Ruby’s squads come in with same
record a 1 pin difference in average and a 1.5 point diff in standings which has Nugget squad as WC and
Ruby squad another team behind nugget outside looking in. Can you say playoff implications? If you
can’t get your fucking head checked because it isn’t that fucking hard to say. Nugget team was hot as
hell before she blew out her hamstring doing that crazy ass nugget all leg and all arm dance thing she
does. Here it is:

Sweet fancy Moses, gotta admit that’s great dancing. Damn these teams are evenly matched a couple
of Kings squaring off in this one; hey guys remember the king of the Shitnecks is still a Shitneck. No
offense. But as I always say, they are still a fucking King too, so from one Doctor to two kings cheers

Speaking of Tango, he and Squeaky will push for top and second all night, Nugget healed will shred,
Kelly, Farmer disrespected you with that truth hurts parody and I apologize to you for him and
admonished him for it. Battle of the silent G between Squeaky and Triple is one to watch if pressed I’d
say give me Nugget. Here is Squeaky G attending to Holden after the match:

Dudes get your shit straight we still have to get through BoPo guys.
The Six Tits (3-5) -15 versus Thunder’s No Revenge Tour: Thunder’s fucking liver is going to need
revenge once this season is over. As always, he drafted a super fun group of party machines that can’t
do it at the same time. Hand goes 253 Tso and Thunder go 160, Hand sits Thunder is like I got this goes
119. Hate to admit it, but the curse is real and quite like Brett Favre Thunder is retiring for the 15 th time
from Draft League this time for good, and if that is true and it isn’t this is exactly the type of team he
would like to go out on. Bit and Hundo are two of the most fun rollers you ever had the pleasure of

sharing the lanes with, sure (and ladies I say this tongue in cheek) they can’t hit water falling out of a
boat, but doesn’t matter no one keeps the vibe great and just does what BoPo folks do good or bad have
a smile on their faces shake down to the music we win great we lose great. While a few of us on the
team roll shit crawl under a bridge and cry ourselves to sleep, I always hear Sneaky Pete in my head, “Go
to lanes and don’t have fun you are an asshole whether it is 85, 185, or 285!” those are words to live by.
Love this team. TTBB drafted herself lady ace La La one, Gutterslut 2, Snapshot 3, SwanDog millionaire
4, and Dynah Mo Hmm 5 and find themselves 3-5 with a 670. Draft league, man the league is stacked.
They moved to 4-5 tonight. DTR remember this is reverse psychology so we come out and shred and
they are super overconfident don’t come out all pissed off and kill the vibe. Thunder skipping tonight to
save his signing voice for tomorrow’s Red Tide Band gig so that helps. Because all and all we are just
another brick in the wall:

Get the good fortune to sing that with Munson Friday night at a gig for Special Olympics of Maine where
we work it into a Come Together->How You Like Me Now->Another Brick in the Wall continuous play
Munson, Thunder, Munson/Thunder, it is true, we don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought
control, no dark sarcasm in the classroom, teacher leave them kids alone
Titans (3-5) -3 versus Whiskey Shooting Blanks (2-6): Poor Pete dudes’ team average ain’t bad and yet
like Thunder’s team who is also (2-6) they get their teeth kicked in every week. Fortunately, Whiskey is
always quick with a smile and another team killing split at the most inopportune time. No offense bro
you know the doctor loves ya. Wow just realized their top dog usually doesn’t do late if that true flip
this score, but you know what fuck it doctor don’t fucking care he picked it, it stands! Doc rises up like a
phoenix from the trashes and crushes and they prevail. Here is Doc rising from the ashes:

Schnitzengiggles (6-2) -1 versus Crowbar (5-3): This is for supremacy in the Railroad division, but
supremacy blows, edge to Schnitzengiggles for the supremacy themed team name:

Hexy Hooligans (5-3) -15 versus Aperol Splitz (0-8): You can bet this one like it has already been played.
I’m out of time, Hexy’s squad locks up a playoff spot with Pineapple’s winless, but not grinless squad,
her is Pineapple after loss number 9:

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