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Well, it’s getting real now with two weeks to go.  Amazing season so far, I assume the higher scores are a part of it but the energy has been off the charts.  The next two weeks will be pretty amazing – Mo next week, then on the final day of the season we’ve got a 200 person show on the main stage, Battle of the Brewery Bands.

In the Nut division the playoff teams are pretty much already locked in, Baeside Rollers and Schnitzengiggles looking great at top of the heap.  In the Buck, Walter and SNE are both looking for a division crown.  It’s Walter’s on head to head if both teams win out.  Denim Vajean basically wrapped up their division, but there are a whole bunch of 5-4 and 4-5 teams so lots of teams with a chance.

Here’s how playoffs will work.

Night 1 – November 14

The Wildcard teams will play at 5:30.  These are 1-game matches.  3 points and your team advances.  Ties will be broken with a 5 player Baker match.

The 4 wildcard winners advance to play the 4 ‘Playoff’ teams, around 6:30.  These will be two game matches, so chances of ties are high.

The winners of these matches advance immediately to play the Division winners, sometime around 8:30, maybe later.  Those are regular three game matches (unless decided in two).  Needless to say it could be a long night, but should also be a lot of fun.

Night 2 – November 21

Semifinals at 5:30, finals at 8, three game matches (unless decided in two)

I’ll be buying a trophy this year too, so, something to drink out of and the first step to a grandslam!

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