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Still waiting on any volunteers to take on Thursday B.  Looks like I’m on for tonight, though I don’t think there are many readers of the lines in this division. Thursday B is like Orthodox BoPo.  There are lots of teams that are doing it the way they’ve always done it, 13 years later.  They have nothing but disdain for latter day BoPo elements like non-house balls, or throwing with a hook.

hitech_amish_podcast_222Thursday B waiting for late shift

Anyway, on with the lines.


Pin & Juice (1-0) -9 vs Pinups: P&J are definitely not traditionalists, going so far as t change their name and Captain this season.  Pinups get the vapors just thinking about it. C-Murdas Big Ern and the gang.

5 Finger Disounts (2-0) -3 vs Lesbowlians (1-1): The Fingers are off to a hot start and look to keep it rolling.  Slugga leading the way at 175.  The Lesbowlians got a big bounceback win and try to get over .500 tonight, as this Thursday B division is the most wide open in history and the Lesbowlians want a division crown.

FC Portland (2-0) -1 vs Bowled and Beautiful (2-0): Battle for first!  Lots of 10 year + veterans in this one on teams who finally see a chance at a division crown.  Oolie’s throwing strikes and insults like the old days.  B&B finally realizing they are a former A team and flexing a bit.  Should go down to the wire.

Party Mix (1-0) -3 vs ICBING (1-0): A couple of (currently) ranked B teams duke it out in an unfamiliar location: early.  Party Mix came out of the gates hot with their Hakeem-Big Party-Ric Spair trio all in the 160s.  ICBING was led by Rocky Bowlboa, and while that’s nice and all, he’s no Suave Lefty.  If SL is really out for the year, ICBING is really out of my B top 10.  That said, they can still make some noise on Thursday.

WEST SIDE! Bowlderdash (1-1) -3 vs Strike City (0-2): The Bowlhemains have actually racked up 4 points in both of their first two games, which is a leap from 2019.  They are looking to push that envelope a little farther as they venture West tonight.  Boys McCracken and Lil Mo Ink have pushed Bowlderdash to 1-1 and thinking bigger.  I think they get to 2-1 tonight but in a close one.


Happy Hands (0-2) -3 vs Pinny Candy (0-2):  With the introduction of the harsh new rule of no playoffs for B15 and B16, this one takes on added significance.  Happy Hands is usually middle of the pack or higher so I expect Chunk, Sasha and Mookie Oak to turn things around sound enough.  Pinny Candy usually wins when you least expect it, which technically isn’t tonight.

Roll Another (0-2) -3 vs Granola Bowlahs (2-0): Despite the records, Roll Another averages around 50 pins a game higher than Granola.  Granola has definitely taken advantage of their schedule and opportunities.  Uncle Buck and Chup get one tonight for old times sake.

Hazzard (1-1) -11 vs Bad News Spares (0-2): One minute your in a heated battle in the BoPo quarterfinals, the next you’re in a battle with Bad News Spares to stay out of the bottom of Thursday B. Years of roster poaching caught up with Uncle J and crew but they are quite happy in their new home.  Bad News Spares looking to more than double their season point total in this one.


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