Just The Facts, Ma’am

Taking a step back form the weekly roasting for some very sedate lines.  See y’all on the lanes.


#4 Oddballs (3-1) -3 vs SOD (1-3):  The Cerrano move has paid dividends for the Oddballs (and for Hazzard as well, as losing him let them move to their happy place, Thursday B).  They are one of four Tuesday A teams with averages in the 730s.  SOD is getting great bowling from Couch and Comeback Player of the Year contender Buckeye Booth (193!), but are really just focused on getting Pineapple and Kabowlski going – they are putting in the practice so hopefully the payoff is just around the corner.

XXX Club (1-3) -5 vs Off Constantly (0-4):  Both of these former champs are getting a no-mercy tour in as teams take out their frustrations on them.  OC bottomed out early with a 2 player, 600 pin single game loss, a new BoPo record.  They’ve actually started to shows signs of life the last coupe of weeks but breaking through into the win column is still going to be a challenge.  XXX Club had a bowloff handed to them on a silver platter last week with a Hungus choke in the 9th (and a Hungus choke in 10th frame of game 1…seeing a pattern?), but stunningly Buck only got one strike in the tenth and the game was lost.  In his defense I think he had to go out to his car just to get his equipment for the bowloff.  He’s still sporting a 227 average, and I don’t see OC having the firepower to compete with that tonight.

#1 BEER (4-0) -2 vs Shake And Bake (2-2): BEER is the last team standing in the undefeated column, though it’s kind of been like advancing in a coin flipping contest – decent amount of luck involved.  An 8-7 comeback win over SauPo, a last frame bowloff win over Club.  Whatever, 4-0 is 4-0!  Herb’n and Railroad have been beasts and Ricky V stepped up in a big way last week with a game 3 200 to force the tiebreaker.  Shake And Bake is still getting used to their new team.  Glossy is in a pit of despair over his start, so down on his throw that he’s even shaking his head and muttering after perfect strikes.  Squatch is new to the Tuesday A thing and for better or worse was very excited about his individual frames in the 3rd game of a lost match.  Tango and Lala are rock solid and this team has talent, they just haven’t quite solidified as a squad yet.  A win over the top ranked team may be the catalyst they need.


#10 Bowl, Thugs & Harmony (3-1) -1 vs #6 SKOL (3-1):  UPSET ALERT!  BT&H keep finding ways to win, and seeing as this is a late match I think they’ll find some late night magic.  They have the lowest average in Tuesday A (other than OC’s players-missing tally). They just seem to not give a shit, and that’s been a crucial element in a some nailbiter wins as their opponents tightened up.  They are playing with house money already having three wins in a first year where they looked to be overmatched.  Cleveland at the top of the lineup gives them their bona fide ace then they just wait for Jail Bait, BrownMichaelCox or Hot Gravy (56, 57 and 62 in the stats) to go off.  It hasn’t hurt that Casual Hundo has transformed to Casual Buck-Twenty.  SKOL is loaded, and by al rights should win.  Viking is sitting at 4th in average, and Tommy being at 17th means he’s overdue for a 700 series.  They’re also getting a 170 average from Mrs. Brady.  It’s crazy to pick against them…but BT&H has something going on late.

#8 Sharks and Strikes (2-2) -3 vs #7 My Balls (3-1):  Last we saw My Balls, they were knocking off then #1 YB2 in the final frame, and a clutch Spidey had his equipment and was out the door before teams even had a chance for a postgame handshake.  They make the dreaded adventure over to Tuesday, and I have no idea who they’ll be bringing.  Maybe Kernal Sanders will suit up again, though he may just sit the season out and be able to see his name at the top of the stats page all year.  Maybe some other high school ringer we’ve never even heard of.  Cygnus has tapped into the talent pipeline though new signee Frankie Abralon, who I imagine will not be making the road trip to Tuesday.  Sharks have a consistent lineup, and similar to the Dick & Sparkles draft league show, they like to get the highest average and find ways to lose anyway.  Also like Draft League, I’ll continue to pick them to win and rank them highly based on that average.  They have no dudes above 200, and none below 185.  Is that the new ‘mid level depth’?  I think Du Jour gets a 240 tonight just to make 20 bucks, and Sharks win in 2.

#2 Bingas (3-1) -9 vs Saucy Posse (1-3):  Binga’s Ringas, their original franchise name, had a fascinating first few years.  0-13 in BoPo I.  16-0 in BoPo II with the addition of a guy known as The Jerk.  15-0 and on the cusp of back-to-backs before a stunning upset in the finals in BoPo III.  Over the years, though, the league caught up with them.  Guys like Booth and Diesel went their own way. Those of us from the early days can appreciate this resurgence  from an original powerhouse.  Their Gutterboi signing seemed out of character a couple years ago, and then he struggled in his new environs.  Now he is fitting the team vibe and filling up the score sheets with a whopping 221 average.  Then this year they went out and got proven majors-magnet Coco Lopez, and the team is gelling like 2009 and 2010 again.  They are stacking 800s and are a very real title contender.  Saucy Posse took advantage of their title window, and managed to put up two banners in a. 3 season run.  Incredibly impressive.  This looks to be a transition year for them.  They could rebuild fast if Walter is able to fend off the hordes of captains recruiting Nut Sauce for 2021, but even if he doesn’t he’s got 2 banners as a captain, something he can smile about all the way into his rocking chair years.

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