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Thunder gonna be your Thursday B guy until some other authors that have the seeds to put their name to their words come out of the woodworks.  Reminder last two teams in B miss playoffs so time to start banking those wins.  Here are Thunder and Farmer instructing GB how to get free drinks at Howies before they started taking cards. Thunder is Adam Driver:

Here is how Thursday B likes to take it:

Jesus I can’t get enough of that ad.  A damn shame FCC wouldn’t run it.

Strike City and Bowlderdash are on a bye which just means strike city can’t get another loss. SC was looking to run win steak to two games, but that did not come to fruition. Here they are enjoying their bye together at the Ponderosa:

Early AKA the Morgue 

FFD (3-1) -5 versus ICBING (2-2):  Slugga is absolutely crushing at a 180.3 tip. I’ve seen the guy in the gym at work too:

ICBING is a rudderless ship without their Ringers, Peanut Gutter and Sauve Lefty. Peanut Gutter is on record saying he doesn’t read the lines. Here is Peanut Gutter after reading the lines and hearing himself called a ringer:

Slugga will be too much for ICBING to handle. Rufio and Poto, interesting name will back him up:

Fabio and Rocky B will try to keep it close, but 2 Dogs will have too many splits to score and he will get wicked pissed despite refusing to bowl properly for the last 12 years.  If Sauve Lefty can’t dust off his butthurt self, this team won’t see many wins this year.  Too many under 120 bowlers.  Still love ya guys, but Jesus do you all suck at this bowling thing.  Here is 2 Dogs after the match with his special lady friend who is beating him in average:

Rest in peace Kirk Douglas My Balls average age just went down.

Roll Another (3-2) -2.5 verus Pins and Juice (1-2-1):  Pins and Juice are ½ of the Thursday B squad that walked out on a bowloff last week resulting in a tie.  Making history as the first team ever to walk out on a bowloff it is an awful look.

Wow Thursday B been taking a ton of shit does something like that and totally redeems themselves.   Here is C Murda and Buck heading out after skipping the bowloff:

CMurda was totally contrite on the book and basically blamed it on Granola, which I can see.  Roll Another is having a bit of a rebirth after a down season trying to defend their B Title.  I think they won a B title a few years ago.  Gets a little hazy for Doc.  Package, Uncle Buck, et al should be able to give P&J the beating they deserve after skipping the bowloff last week:

Walk out on a bowloff again J Smooth and Larry David gonna clap that ass:

Lesbowlians (2-2) -1 versus Pinny Candy (1-3):  Looks like Pinny Candy and their candy bar themed crew lost to their rivals lost week.  Lesbowlians haven’t found their stride yet with a fun ass crew running 6 deep and are most likely still trying to get their lines down due to their numbers.  Keglinger and Tilt are doing the heavy lifting this far.  I see a big one from OB tonight,who is keeping her average in the 140s thus far, being the difference.  Stay safe on that long drive home for some of the Pinny Candy crew:

Do not let Toonces drive ever that motherfucker is on record as being a terrible driver, snow or not.

Looking to the Lesbowlians to shake up the morgue shift and get the party started early tonight:

Bowled and Beautiful (5-0) -9 versus Happy Hands Productions (2-2):  Assface Dungus keeps saying BEER is the last undefeated team in league.  Like a lot of folks in this league that moron does zero fact checking.  Probably will get a Freedom fucking Medal from Trump next year.  Hey Hungus,you and Bubbles created this league not sure if you forgot therewas a B division dude, I know with this crew walking out on bowloffs and shit, but come on brah!  Saw and crew are hellbent on winning that first B title.  Sasha and crew don’t seem to have the fire power to win this match.  Here are Sasha, Mookie and crew when home for the holidays:

Late-welcome to the Party Pal

Party Mix (4-0) -11 versus Strikes of Dong (3-2):  Maybe Hungus meant last team in A to be undefeated?  If not, the guy is a fucking clueless Shitneck.  Actually, both of these things could be true.  Big Party threw the worst toga party of all time, which is hard to do, is averaging 157.5 is not talking to me, and has the lowest male average on the team.  2020 is off to a great start for Benny Hill.  Hakeem and Ric Spair are crushing at a 180 and 176 clip proving there really is life after losing all your hair.  Hazzard are those plucky, loveable losers that got shit out the bottom of Tuesday A, and are looking at same thing happening in Thursday B.  Hungus floated the idea of a C division.  Jesse, Luke and crew could find themselves there soon.  What they find tonight is an absolute ass kicking:

Wow, hopefully they put up more a fight than that cat did at the airport.  As a former bare knuckle bar fight guy, prior to aggression therapy, I’m here to tell you all fights outside of a ring or moronic.  But you take it to another level by getting in fights at movie theaters, airports and bowling alleys.  No offense Holden and Hot Gravy:

Nice roundhouse kick Holden.  #whitemalerage

Lock it up dudes.

FC Portland (3-2) -15 versus Granola (2-2-1):  The other half of the bowloff walkout, standings says they have a 650 average.  I find that hard to believe when their top 2 bowlers average 145 and bottom two 102.  FC Portland is going to give them what the deserve for said walkout.  Polly crushing at a 178 clip.  Oolie close to 180 on a zero practice schedule and Captain Caveman getting zero return on practice costs at 151, Munson would call that a sunk cost.  Speaking of Munson guy went front 9 in practice recently for a 258:

FC will show Granola a good time and a beatdown.

Well that is gonna do it folks good luck in there tonight and drive safe.














Ha ha ha. Big Party who threw the worst yoga party of all time, which is hard to do, is averaging #### and not talking to me.  





Strike City and Bowlderdash are on a bye which just means strike city can’t get another loss. SC was looking to run win steak to two games, but that did not come to fruition. Here they are enjoying their bye together at the Ponderosa:










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