All Star Info Update

Game is still Friday, Feb 28th, but now starts at 5:30

Also, given how long it takes to find everyone’s availability, we are cutting off stats after this Thursday, so Feb 18 is the last Tuesday game to count toward stats.

And reminder, while it is top 18 men and 12 women from each night, each night has to have at least 3 men and 2 women from B, so only top 15 men averages are in if none of them are from B. If stats ended today, for example, Kernal Sanders would be ineligible with only three games, then Thursday dudes would be Double Cheese through Spidey, then Polly Metro, Ric Spair and Slugga. For Tuesday it would be Buck Ripcord through Cleveland (Burt is in B) plus Gutterslut and The Cleaner

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