Tuesday B

So here we are… Week 7- halfway through BoPo XIII with six weeks to go after tonight!  Put up or shut up times for all those middle of the standings teams.  It’s time to make your run, season will be over before you know it.   


For those of you counting – My record picking the lines is 29-9 (76.3%) – Last week: 7-1 (87.5%)  



Bowl Trolls (3-2) -5 vs. Strikes on Tap (5-0) 

We start the mid-season night off right with tonight’s Tuesday B Game of the Night!  At first glance this might look like an upset and I guess according to records and standing – it is.  But don’t let Troll’s 3-2 record fool you.  When the true Trolls team shows up, they haven’t averaged under 655 as a team.  They are sporting a 674 team average and tonight they ‘upset’ top dawg Strikes leaving no team undefeated after tonight.   


NED (5-1) -3 vs. Bowling Stones (3-3)   

Bowling Stones broke their losing streak last week but are about to be on the wrong side of 500 once again.  Stones, with two new rookie bowlers, are in an obvious rebuilding year since their run to the B Championship last year.  They’re fighting classic ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ syndrome.  This season Stones has bowled 640, then two 570’s, 620, then two 550’s.  A clear trend in the wrong direction.   

NED on the other hand hasn’t bowled under 600 once.  They’re led by top Tuesday B bowler Burt the Bandit and his 200 (rounded up) average.  I thought NED might take a step back after losing a top caliber bowler like Spidey, but they are rolling.  I heard the only problem NED has is that some teammates are earning too many beer frames haha.  Only one way to fix that- Just throw Strikes!!  


B.A.R.E. (2-4) -5 vs. Mindz in the Gutter (2-4) 

Last week BARE broke 600 as a team for the first time since Week 1!  All for nothing (5 points) as they still got beat handily by NED.  Its back in the win column for BARE tonight.  That prediction isn’t guaranteed- Mindz’ two wins came against Trolls and Stones so if Sticky Fingers and crew take this one for granted Mindz will upset. 



Whoomp (3-3) -7 vs. B.I.L.F. (0-6) 

Tough loss for Whoomp last week.  Johnny Castle injured his bowling hand and has to go right-handed for the first time ever.  Adding insult to injury, Whoomp’s #1 Honey High Hat couldn’t make it last week.  Even with Castle averaging 135 opposite handed- that’s hard to overcome.  I heard Waffles say she was just getting used to winning… well, even with a right-handed Castle Whoomp should get back in the win column tonight. 



Brooklyn Hookers (4-1) -9 vs. Splits AF (2-4) 

Hookers suffered a heartbreaking loss to Wrecking Balls last week, their first loss.  But even they would have to admit that the bowl-off was damn exciting!  Came down to tenth frame and Xander bowls a 28 to win by two.  Tough pill to swallow for Hookers who averaged 720 last week (to Wrecking Balls 626), which is the highest of any B team this season.  This can go one of two ways…  1) Hookers could have a letdown night or 2) they could be out for revenge.  I expect the latter and unfortunately for Splits AF I think it’s going to be a massacre.  Luckily Splits AF has their bye week next week to recuperate after tonight. 


Burners (2-4) -7 vs. Poultry Assoc. (1-5) 

Burners took care of business last week as I predicted.  Not only winning but taking big points as well.  Tonight they have another game in the B standings basement.  I said greener pastures were ahead of them.  That sounds like a dig towards Poultry but it’s not meant to be, they are clearly having an off year.  Burners needs to keep their eye on the prize and take care of business.  Wins and points, that’s all they should be thinking. 


Incredibowls (5-1) -3 vs. Budweiser’s (2-3) 

Incredibowls also knocked out of the unbeaten last week.  They didn’t even have a bad night, its just that you must have the best night and a lot of luck to beat Trolls.   

Budweiser’s started a nice little win streak after starting 0-3.  Unfortunately, they get Incredibowls this week (and Trolls next week).  Buds keeps it close and takes it to a Game 3 but it won’t be enough. 

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