Dog Days

Mid February, mid season.  One more night to sneak in or out of the All-Star game.  I’m thinking lots of upsets tonight. One line lines


XXX Club (2-4) – 2 vs #6 Bingas (4-2) Guuterboi loves the new Shipyard bowling alley.  He can drown his sorrows there after XXX Club rebounds from their slow start to hand Binga’s a second straight loss.

#8 Sharks (4-2) -13 vs OC (0-6): I’ll pick a lot of upsets, but, c’mon. OC is experiencing what will happen to the Patriots one day soon.  Revenge is a dish best served 14-1.

Shake and Bake (3-3) -1 vs #2 Oddballs (4-2): Both of these teams averaged 800 last week.  Damn.  Oddballs does better when I pick them to lose so I imagine they like this.


#3 Skol (5-1) -3 vs Saucy Posse (1-5): Skol had a huge win over Bingas without T-$ and Automatic.  Now they have to see if they can reincorporate those guys.  Also, SauPo, who the hell is Shirley?


#5 BEER (5-1) -3 vs Bowl Thugs (3-3): Jailbait wants this one bad, and if he isn’t incarcerated by gametime could give BEER a run.  Worst thing for Bowl Thugs was BEER losing last week.  They won’t lose back to back.

#1 LOS (4-1) -1 vs SOD (3-3): I really wanted to pick this upset.  LOS has to rely on Mr. Stiffy tonight, but SOD has been top heavy too.  Couch has been awesome and Booth is reborn, and this is strange territory for LOS, but Cheese is a beast and Precious will take out his anger at the late hour and odd day on the pins.



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