Happy School Vacation Week!  When the lanes are wacky and scores can be even wackier.  I won’t have to deal with that this week, I am on a bye, and plan to spend it at work, and then tomorrow get to visit my son in Denver.  Not quite as nice as Thunder, who is spending the week in Florida visiting family.  Live look at Thunder in his childhood back yard:



Sorry, not enough time this week to do the lines proper justice.  Lets get to the early matches:


Guacabowle (-5) v. Tattoos and Titties – I think the shine has rubbed off T&T of late.  And Guac is now starting to get the results to match their averages.  Especially Dick Whitman, who is taking an extended break from his Peloton to focus on his bowling (What, you didn’t think he was focusing on his business, did you?!).  Hey Dick, what’s up with Atlanta?  

I saw Mitch and Dick at the lanes over the holiday weekend, they were putting in some good work.  And I saw nobody from T&T rolling last weekend.  I even saw Mitch working at Bayside last weekend.  And, again, saw nobody from T&T working last weekend.  Starting to think I may be giving T&T too many points….



Hey, that’s better than last week’s tune…


Y&B2 (-7) v. Leisure Rolls – I’m predicting 4 points for Leisure Rolls because I like them.  But they are doomed again this evening.

Last week, Magic and crew lost 9.5 to 0.5 in 2 games, but were literally 11 pins from being up 6-4.  Been that kind of year for them.  And now they get a Y&B team that is putting up huge scores on the regular.  I don’t see how they will be able to keep pace tonight, and Dutch especially is due for a tough night.  I mean, here was his dad giving him a pep talk this afternoon:



My Balls (-3) v. GOB – A few weeks ago I would be predicting a real barn burner.  But then GOB decided to roll like turds for the last 3 weeks, watching their placement in the division and their team average plummet in the process.  Tough to break a streak of losing in 2 games, a job that will be made tougher by having to roll against My Balls.

You know Splinter will want to best Frankie.  But I have been watching them both roll lately, and I’d have to give the edge to Frankie.  Holden and Squeaky are killing it in practice, but not seeing the same results under the bright lights of Thursday.  Spidey just comes in and does Spidey things, which usually means a great score.  I’ll take My Balls in this one.  

This is setting up very similar to last year, where it was My Balls who had a tough regular season only to pull off a huge win to open the playoffs.  Pretty sure nobody in Tuesday A wants to see these guys round 1 of the playoffs, but some big guns from #fakeThursday will be a bit sad to roll GOB come April.  


LATE Games (aka Time to make an adjustment)


Lions Den (-1) v. Touch My Excitement – Touch My Excitement indeed had a dreamy week last week, going 2-0.  Chatty said it was better than a dream, because those wins were real.  And they were spectacular. (Curious if anyone under 35 gets that joke)

Lion’s Den has re-branded a bit in bringing in Mountain Man and Otis.  Two excellent additions to the league, and decent bowlers to boot.  I especially wish that last part weren’t true last week, but gotta give credit where it’s due.  And speaking of credit, huge shout out to Das Ducken for starting with the front 6 in a sweet 234 game last week!  Again, shit timing, Duck, but nicely done.



I am going with the hotter hands in Lion’s Den in this one.  Otis and Mountain Man are looking good.  Daskiki are both rolling well.  Even Stephen Ricci is stepping up.  Don’t let the 13 poundhouse ball fool ya twice, he’s getting shit done.  Pretty sure when people see him step up they have low expectations, but then they lose to Lions Den, and are left a bit befuddled:

Our favorite Texan 8-bit after watching Ricci outduel him in the match:



Average Bros (-1) v. Hexy’s Hooligans – I am finding this one the toughest to predict on the night.  But I think there is a good reason to go with the Average Bros.  And that reason is Bowl Murray.  

Farmer, what are you smoking?  And can I get some?  That’s what most of you may be thinking, but I witnessed with my own eyes Bowl Murray make a change last weekend that really worked for her.  Her average will be going way up this week, and with it the fortunes of the Average Bros will also rise.

Of course, it might have been a fluke in that case all bets are off.

I love Hexy’s team.  They are all getting more and more engaged with the league, with Flatline is becoming a data scientist with the info he gets from the stats.  


Clam Hands and Tommy Torpedo are routine sightings at Bayside.  And of course Hexy does an amazing job keeping up the stats, and in spite of my sucking up to her, she has never given me an extra count in the 200 column.  #Respect

Northpaw is on the IR now, so the Bros are down to three dudes.  And all three have the capability to go off and score big.  Which is saying something as they can barely work the combinations on their lockers.  Here’s Soccer Dad finally cracking the code while Tommy T, Clam Hands, Princess Pinnacle and Bowl Murray look on:



********  MATCH OF THE NIGHT   ********


LOS (-1) v. DHD – Another close one to call, but I like the top 4 for LOS just a wee bit more than the top 4 of DHD.  LOS had a bye last week, and this week have two matches after a short-handed squad lost to SOD 8-7 on Tuesday.

DHDwhats there to say about them?  They hit Bayside a ton, roll huge scores on the regular, are well liked and respected by almost everyone.  Probably the worst thing I can say about them is that they drink too many bad beers.  (Looking at your Bud Lights there, G-Force)  No wonder G-Force lives at the lanes, take a look at this scene from home with Mrs. Force and Picklebefore the match today (volume up, it’s a quiet video):


LOS is expecting the full team tonight except Corn Nut.  Sostarting Putt Putt, Precious, Mama D and Cheese will be a tough lineup to beat.

Fun fact:  Putt Putt and I attended neighboring High Schools in upstate New York (Guilderland and Voorheesville, for those who care).  Then I found out that when he entered Kindergarten I was a junior in college, so it actually turns out we both spent some time in the same area, but know literally zero of the same people or places.  Which makes this whole fact a lot less fun.


Enjoy your night on the lanes tonight!  Here’s a fun game to play at Bayside while you’re not rolling.  I went one for two:








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