Late B

Season Pick Record: 3312 (73%)  Last week: 43 (57%)



#2 NED (6-1) 9 vs. #14 Mindz in the Gutter (2-5)

NED keeps on rolling!  They throttled Stones for 12 points last week and I predict the same result this week.  Mindz has put together a fine sophomore season and gotten themselves two wins. For the first time ever, they averaged over 600 as a team last week (600.4).  Too bad their highest ever team average didn’t lead to a third win this season.  Doesn’t look like they will get it tonight either.


#12 Ball That (2-4) -3 vs. #15 Poultry Assoc. (1-6) 

Ball That hasn’t been able to get any sort of streak going all season.  They follow every win with a loss, win again and repeat.  They are coming off their bye week with an opportunity to snag some wins.  I think Poultry would agree that they have had a disappointing season thus far, with only one win against last place BILF and some crushing losses by just a point.  This match is pretty even as far as team averages go, so Poultry needs to take care of business tonight and prove me wrong, they got two tough weeks ahead with NED and Strikes before their bye.


#7 Bowl Trolls (3-3) 5 vs. #6 Budweiser’s (3-3)

Here we got two .500 teams, side by side in the middle of the standings.  Trolls let me and my pick percentage down last weekwith a horrid night of bowling- averaging sub 600 for first time this season (Horrid by their standards).  On the other side, Budweiser’s proved me wrong last week as well, upsetting Incredibowls in a nail bitter 8-7.  Bud’s has strung together a nice little three game winning streak after starting the season with three losses.  I’d love to see that streak continue, but unfortunately, I think Trolls upsets easily tonight.


#4 Wrecking Balls (5-1) 3 vs. #8 B.A.R.E. (3-4)

Wrecking Balls are coming off their bye and probably still riding high from that amazing bowl-off win over Hookers a couple weeks ago.  BARE has been taking care of business where they should, but still in search for that statement win. They need that big upset against a better team.  They have a chance to do that tonight, and I predict they take it to Game 3 but come up just short.



#3 Brooklyn Hookers (51) 1 vs. #1 Strikes on Tap (6-0)

Tuesday B Game of the Week here.  Is it me or is Strikes on Tap in the Game of the Week every week??  Resilient Strikes prevailed over Trolls last week.  That’s twice I’ve picked them to lose and they proved me wrong.  Maybe third time’s a charm??  

Strikes is just about through their gauntlet middle of their schedule.  If they prevail tonight there isn’t much stopping them from going undefeated the rest of the season.  Hookers also have a cush schedule for the remainder of their season. If they can upset Strikes tonight, they very well may be on their way to a regular season championship.


#5 Incredibowls (5-2) 9 vs. #10 Whoomp (3-4)

Two losses in a row for Incredibowls??  Have all the late nights caught up with them??  They better take care of business tonight because its quite possible they have another two losses ahead with Strikes and NED after this week.  Whoomp, with one of their top bowlers Johnny Castle injured, just gave last placeBILF their first win of the season and came dangerously close to being the first team to post a sub 500 team average this season (503).  Incredibowls rolls this match and gets back in the win column tonight.


#11 Burners (3-4) 7 vs. #16 B.I.L.F. (16)

Burners won back to back for the first time this season.  They have a chance to make it three in a row which is what we in the sports world call a winning streak!!  They play BILF who is coming off their first win of the season! It’s gotta feel good to snap that losing streak!  Every team in Tuesday B now has a win.  Looking at this match, less than 25 pins separate these two team averages.  If BILF comes to play they could start a winning streak of their own!  I think Burners prevail in two.


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