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I wanted to do a quick write up of some of the changes that are part of the new site. The main advantages of the upgrade are

  • Updated WordPress – The upgraded site is built on a newer version of WordPress, this allows us to use new editing tools as well as have more plugins available amongst other advantages.
  • New Mobile Friendly Design – The new site is using a theme that will work better on mobile devices than the current site.
  • New Tables – For pages like the stats page that use tables we are now using a table plugin that outputs more useable tables, here is an example. This also changes some of the workflow around updating stats on the site, we are hoping to make that as easy as possible.

The current design is pretty minimal on purpose, I figured it made sense to get everything upgraded and useable on the new system then we can worry about a more involved design. Also I am not a designer….

Future Updates

We are still working on some things, here are a few items in the pipeline.

  • Podcast updates – We are looking into getting the podcast out there a bit more and also going to be adding some new podcast pages.
  • Design updates – I kept the design pretty simple to start, it would be nice to spruce up some of the design over time.
  • Additional Tagging – We are working on tagging older posts/podcasts so that we can make the history page a bit more functional, eventually there will be links on that page that can take you to all of the content for a specific year.
  • Other Cool Stuff

Gabe (Boys McKracken)

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