Ok then. Now what?

Alright, I’ve heard back from most teams. The rest have a deadline of Sunday to decide if they want to come back for playoffs. Once I have the final list, I will start announcing matchups for seeding games the week of 7/13. The top two teams in each division will play for the 1 seed, then three and four play for the 3 seed, and so on. I will reach out to teams in order of seed for scheduling their games that week. Playoffs start the week after.

Assuming we have 24 teams in A and B, we’ll have byes for the top 8 seeds. Here’s the schedule. I will work with captains to find best matchup times within these date ranges (subject to change if we have fewer teams):

Teams 9-24 will have playoff games between 7/20-7/23

The sweet 16 for both A & B will take place between 7/23-7/28

The quarterfinals for A & B will take place between 7/29-8/1

The semis and finals for A & B will be on Sunday August 2nd. While we will have room in the building for some spectators (and the finals will be streamed on Facebook Live) we will not be doing the Bowling Ball proper August 2. We will do a 2020 Bowling Ball at some point when we are able to have a larger gathering.

A few guidelines:

Masks will be required unless you have a medical condition. Please do not abuse this policy

During matches, only the eight bowlers in the game should be at the lanes. Bench players should watch from the rail or bar (or mezz)

The current plan is an open pair between each match-pair

I’m sure to have more detail as we get closer and I’ll explain this to all the teams during practice week in person. Looking forward to this – it will be weird, but even limited, weird BoPo is a tiny return of fun and normalcy that a lot of us crave.

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