Clearer Playoff Schedule

Thursday 7/23 Early

G11: Strikes of Hazzard vs Minds in the Gutter

G12: My Balls vs SOD

G13: DHD vs Shake and Bake

G14: (7:30pm) Y&B 2 vs Saucy Posse

G15: FC Portland vs Wrecking Balls

Thursday 7/23 Late

G16: BEER vs Hexy’s Hooligans

G17: Skol vs Average Bros

G18: Burners vs Bold and Beautiful

Friday 7/24 Early

G19: Oddballs vs Guns of Brighton

G20: LOS vs Guacabowle

G21: Sharks vs BUI

Tuesday 7/28 Early

G21: Strikes on Tap vs winner G18

G22: Winner G3 vs Winner G4

G23: Winner G10 vs Winner G11

Thursday 7/30 Early

Both B semifinals

Two A quarterfinals

Thursday 7/30 Late

Two A quarterfinals

Sunday 8/2

3pm: A semifinals, B Finals

6pm: A finals

2 thoughts on “Clearer Playoff Schedule

  1. Can we practice at all early before our matches? If so what’s open for lanes if we’re playing late on Tuesday?

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