BoPo Playoffs: Pandemic Edition

Thanks to the Fuge for putting together the big boards for playoffs this year, we even have our first ever B board! A hint of normalcy in this rollercoaster of a year. I have to admit there were lots of moments I didn’t see this season being able to wrap up. It is so cool that we have been able to have two weeks to ease back in to the season, and now an almost-normal two week playoff run begins. We have 22 teams gunning for a banner over lane 20, and 14 teams looking to get one on the wall by the dj booth. Saucy Posse is going for a repeat and third title in 4 years. Strikes on Tap is undefeated in 2020 and looking for a dominant title repeat. Here we f’n go!


Saucy Posse (-3) vs Lion’s Den: Title defenses aren’t easy. Especially when you lose your top bowler. SauPo made some moves to bring in T’Mater and Shirley, and Walter has a great playoff track record, but it will still come down to their ace Nut Sauce. She has every bit of hardware BoPo offers, 4 of the top 5 women averages in league history, and she’s out to win one without Splinter. Lion’s Den will be a tough out. Ducken bowls great pregnant and these guys always show up big in the playoffs. I thin they’ll keep it close but ultimately Nut Sauce wills SauPo to another playoff win.

G.O.B. (-3) vs Touch My Excitement: Speaking of SauPo. Master Splinter left SauPo with two titles to try and win with a new squad. He’s on one of the biggest boom or bust squads in the playoffs. While Seatown is a playoff rock, Holden and Squeaky are total wildcards. They have the potential to make a deep run or lose tonight. Invisible Hand will have them motivated. TMX is under new management and started to put things together late in the season. They’ll be ready if GOB slips at all, but I think Splinter rolls a 700 series for the win.

Party Mix (-4) vs Split AF: Big Party and crew lost their bid at a bye and now will have to take the long road to a B banner. They start with Split AF, who earned their spot with an exciting bowloff win. Seachellz also bowling great pregnant – seems to be a theme. Island Boy has been talking trash to Hakeem for a week and will be pumping his team up. They should force a game three but ultimately Party Mix had a great W/L record for a reason.

Brooklyn Hookers (-6) vs Lesbowlians: Tuesday B was loaded this year, and Hookers were one of the powerhouses. They look capable of putting a banner up. Lesbowlians were a surprise loser in the seeding round but didn’t bowl poorly. Tilt A Whirl will try to keep them alive but this seems like an ‘over in two’ match to me.

Wrecking Balls (-9) vs Bad News Spares: First a congrats to the Spares for a huge win in the seeding round. I think it ends there but it was a great victory. The Wrecking Balls are another legit title contender. Swanny will do anything to get this team through, including bowling on his birthday and giving up his once annual ‘sexy time’. He won’t letthat sacrifice have been in vain.


Reminder – please wait for us to sanitize the lanes after early games before you head down on the approach

Hexy’s Hooligans (-3) vs Off Constantly: I wanted to pick the upset, but my biases are warped from results 10 years ago. OC did get new shirts, and their first win of the season in the seeding game. They are just hoping it was enough to convince Natro and Coco to come to the lanes for this one. The Hooligans looked great in beating Guac in the seeding round. Clam Hands and Flatline were beasts. They have what they need to advance, OC will have to channel some old school swagger to get the upset.

Guacabowle (-1) vs XXX Club: Upset alert and game of the night all in one. I don’t know why I’m picking this. Guac had a rough season in the W/L department and XXX Club still has permanent Top Dog Buck Ripcord. Maybe it’s Dick Whitman being here every day, or recency bias of seeing Cumstein’s last game be a monster. I’m excited to watch this one either way.

Average Bros (-5) vs Bowl Thugz: Pretty sure the Bowl Thugz only have three bowlers tonight. The Average Bros seem thoroughly ready for their season to end but I don’t think it will against a 3 player squad. Luck of the draw.

SOD (-5) vs Leisure Rolls: Magic is in Nebraska. Bring on Insanal and Dutch! The Leisure Rolls are always a dangerous playoff team, but Diesel and Couch should be up for the challenge, assuming they can lure Booth out of the house.

NED (-8) vs BILF: BoPo collectively purs one out for Tush Christ’s lost season as he broke his collarbone or something. His energy will be sorely missed (unless of course he’s here cheering his crew on). BILF seems unlikely to put up much resistance tonight, but if they can hang close for a bit maybe the psychological impact of losing TC will rattle NED and get this one to a game three.

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