Draft League Semis

Thursday we crown a champion and say goodbye to Earl. (Technically you’ll have two more days to bowl this pattern if you’re a masochist). On one half of the bracket we’ve got everyone’s preseason favorite Make Your Mark 300 Proof, playing Bowlers of the Hidden Temple. MYM features most of Skol, and for good measure their Captain Frankie Abralon is even moving to Skol for BoPo 2021. Not sure if he has to get the tattoo or if there’s a different hazing plan. Another Skol member anchors BHT, with ace Tommy Gunz anchoring a loaded squad of Glossy, Squatch, Chatty, Smash Jackson and Bates Master. This game won’t feature much alcohol, but should feature a large amount of strikes (by Earl standards, at least). On the other side we have CakeBalls 3, featuring the most disturbing shirts remaining in the league with Broken Hole eliminated. Buck Ripcord has been his normal, bad self, but they’ve gotten contributions from all over. Capt Spare-O and Jr Hoss both join Buck in the top 12 and Cupcake helped carry the load with a strong start to the year. They’ll battle Thunder Buddies, who were one of a surprising number of teams sporting some sort of Dr. Thunder tribute this season. Somehow they don’t use ‘BOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!’ as their cheer every time. Maybe they’ll throw in a ‘Puerto Rico!’ this week out of respect.

I’ll leave the lines and predictions to others this week (Cakeballs) but I just wanted to thank the league for another great season. We pulled that off. It’s so good to have that night of the week to still party and feel some normalcy, and we can’t do that unless everyone helps out with the masks and the rules and the craziness, and ya’ll did that. As a thank you, we’ll be putting down the Winter Pattern starting this Sunday, and it’s something I think you will enjoy. Marshall Holman 37.

While it seems we may be in for a rough December, I’m still planning on BoPo 2021, and will be figuring out what we can do to make that happen. Bayside will definitely be closed to the public on Tuesday and Thursdays to maintain space for league. I think we’re all going to need that night out.

Good luck and check you later!


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