Playoff Info

Hey y’all, with only two weeks left many have asked about playoff stuff, and having it on a different tab on this site hasn’t seemed to do the trick. So, here you go.

Top 7 teams teams from each division make championship playoffs. Teams 2-7 play at 5:30 on November 16th, winners play again late, all on East side. Division winners have a bye to the late game. Semis and finals are on Nov 23rd, early and late. Playoff matches do not play a third game if the match is already decided. All players on roster who are present must play at least one game.

Tiebreaker for playoff if a two way tie is head to head; if more than two teams are tied for a spot, head to head is thrown out and it goes straight to points. If tied for points, tiebreaker is a baker game.

New this year is a consolation bracket tourney, played on the same night (Nov 16th) on the West side. Teams 8-10 in Lancaster and 8-11 in Hanover are in, with the two division last place teams playing a best of two Baker play-in at 530. If that ties, it goes to one bowl bowloffs. All consolation bracket matches are two games, so we’ll have a Winner of the Losers by the end of the night!

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