Unofficial Standings

I haven’t researched all the head to head tiebreakers yet, but here are standings with up to date w/l and points.

1Alpaca Bowl9091division
2Urine Trouble8196playoff
3Fowl Language7283playoff
5Flying V5473
6Rosham Bowl5467
8A Bootyhole Mind4571.5
10Bowled Coast2757elim
11Stickies Pinkies2857.5elim
12Disco Turkeys01031elim
1Spare Bears8195playoff
2Putt Stuff8191playoff
3Bitches in the Back7279playoff
4Will Bowl for Cheese5473playoff
5Bowl Durham4574
6Trash Island4561.5
7Misspent Youth4561
8Party Assassians3659.5
9Magic’s Gathering3752.5elim
10Bottoms Up2755elim
11Turn & Burn2743elim

Flying V and Rosham Bowl clinch playoff spots with wins. FBE clinch with a win and a Bootyhole loss, or a loss with a Bootyhole loss and a Ghost loss. Bootyhole needs a win and a loss from FBE, a loss and a loss from FBE and a win from Ghost and more points than FBE, or a win, an FBE win, a Rosham and/or Flying V loss for at least a three way tie at 5-5 and a win in point differential.

Winner of Bowl Durham vs Trash Rangers makes playoffs. Loser is in if Party Assassins lose. Misspent Youth in with a win

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