Game Times

Alright, for Tuesdays practice will open at 6:15, matches start by 6:30. On Thursdays, practice will start at 5:15, matches start by 5:30. For early matches, teams need to immediately start their next game after getting scores recorded. No team breaks between games. Casco Bay League has proven that 2 hour matches are very doable other than a couple of BoPo heavy teams. I’m just looking for under 2 and 1/2 hours so late games can start by 8. We will be awarding a pitcher to both teams in the match that finishes first every Thursday, and conversely if your team really takes too long we’ll adjust some of your future early matches to late. Just be considerate of the folks bowling after you, and remember you are more than welcome to continue hanging out and partying with your teammates after the game wraps up. Also, the easier pattern should get us more strikes and speed things along.

Oh speaking of speeding things up, we are changing the practice tradition of rolling a full frame. Please just roll one ball, then move on to the next bowler. If you don’t have a full rack to shoot at that’s fine. Just rolling once actually gets everyone more throws in the limited practice time. Give it a shot. I don’t expect everyone to get it immediately but we should all have it figured out at some point in the season.

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