PBA Week Info

I’ll just put some stuff here for those BoPo folks who still check this site out. I like to limit some of the Facebook posting since all the non-BoPo folks see that stuff.

Bowling is closed from Friday 9/22 through Thursday 9/28

Friday there are PBA practice sessions from 4:20-8. Sometime around 8:30 we will do some Karlaoke, until 11.

Saturday has PBA seeding rounds from 10am to 4pm on East side. BoProAm buffet is at 5, games start at 6 (or 715 if you’re in second squad). Tourney will end around 10:30-11

Sunday starts with the PBA clash from noon-two. That has the three women pros, plus 3 pba pros, then 5 or 6 amateurs. Rooftop party til 5, then PBA league quarterfinals live broadcast 5pm-7pm.

Monday is simple. Live PBA League quarterfinals at 7pm-9pm.

Tuesday has a couple things and we need extra noise and bodies. PBA League semis will be taped from 5pm-7pm (aired same night on FS1). Then the Strike Derby is 8pm-10pm. Bring your party pants.

Wednesday wraps up simply – PBA Finals live national broadcast 8-10pm

There ya go! Looking forward to partying with you and having lots of conversations none of us remember.

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