This Week In Bopo: Week 6

Short and sweet this week. Firday featured Saucy Posse staying undefeated and knocking off the last other Tuesday A undefeated team, Pindecent Exposure. We are now down to three perfect teams in A, with LOS and the surprising Sultans also without blemish on Thursday. More generally Thursday averages are creeping upwards. In B Phil FramesContinue reading “This Week In Bopo: Week 6”

This Week in BoPo: Week 4

Undefeated/defeated watch! Down to five undefeated A, three winless. In B it’s already down to two undefeated, two winless, and if you say you picked Strike City to be one of the last two undefeated squads you are either lying or you’re The Brush. We are cruising right along with the season at this point.Continue reading “This Week in BoPo: Week 4”

This Week In BoPo: Week 2

This week felt a little more like the real season started. We had full lanes both nights, every team in the league other than XXX Club now has at least one game, and the random trash talk started. Master Splinter launched this year’s war of words with a Facebook drive-by trolling of the Oddballs specifically,Continue reading “This Week In BoPo: Week 2”

This Week In Bopo: Week 1

BoPo XV is officially underway. In these COVID days just that is quite the accomplishment. There were no celebrity bowlers and no elaborate banner raising. There were tons of teams calling out with COVID and schedule adjustments. At least we are underway. Any slowness from COVID and dry January will be long forgotten when weContinue reading “This Week In Bopo: Week 1”