Thunder Has Something To Say

587 missed BoPo King Shit cutoff by 67 pins. Here I am next Friday night right before closing spending another $15 at #callthefrontdesk. Dumb and Dumber- So youre telling me theres a chanceDumb and Dumber- So youre telling me theres a chanceBy FullMovieJacket Good luck to LOS and SKOL tomorrow. As T$ would say good luck to everybody. ToContinue reading “Thunder Has Something To Say”

Penultimate Thursday

Hey now!  Where has the time gone??  Already closing in on the end of the season with only two weeks left to go before the playoffs! Been a blast so far, lets keep it up.  As the brilliant Lauryn Hill said, “After Winter, Must Come Spring”, and we are certainly in that transition now.  BoPo playoffs, vaccinations on the rise (includingContinue reading “Penultimate Thursday”

Lines?!?! On a Tuesday?

Sitting around on a gorgeous Tuesday morning, listening to XM Fly to get some ideas for tonight’s playlists, and figured ‘what the hell, let’s do write some BoPo lines!’  I’ll be using the “Thunder Farmer video format’. Game of the Night Hookers (8-2) -1 vs Strikes on Tap (8-2): The de facto Tuesday B championshipContinue reading “Lines?!?! On a Tuesday?”