14 Years

The Original Pinups announced today the franchise is folding after an awesome 14 year run. Goodbye to one of the original BoPo squads. We are now at Bingas, OC, BEER, Wrecking Balls, DHD, Happy Hands and Saucy Posse at 15th year franchises. I’ll create a new Thursday schedule this week.

Thunder Has Something To Say

587 missed BoPo King Shit cutoff by 67 pins. Here I am next Friday night right before closing spending another $15 at #callthefrontdesk. Dumb and Dumber- So youre telling me theres a chanceDumb and Dumber- So youre telling me theres a chanceBy FullMovieJacket Good luck to LOS and SKOL tomorrow. As T$ would say good luck to everybody. ToContinue reading “Thunder Has Something To Say”