B Semis

Tuesday was a good day. For three hours or so it felt like an honest to goodness BoPo night. Even with two of the three matches decided early the energy was great, and 6 spectators sounded like 60.

Tonight may be even better. We have 12 teams with banner hopes still fighting. The A quarters will be on the West side, two early and two late. Sparkles is handling those lines. The B semis are early on East. Here are my predictions.

Strikes on Tap (-1) vs Brooklyn Hookers: Tap has followed up their 2019 B title with an undefeated regular season and 10-0 shutout win in the quarterfinals. They have great depth, with any of La Femme, ScrapperJohn, Birdman, Phil Frames or The Cleaner capable of top point. They play with a quiet focus and are on a mission to be first ever repeat banner winners in either BoPo division. The Hookers are coming off one of the more exciting playoff games I’ve ever watched. Lots of points in the first two games came down to a pin or two and the score was 5-5 vs the high energy of Party Mix. Players were so amped that multiple times guys on both squads threw gutters off of turkeys. In the end Rotini née Brooklyn Peanut turkeyed in the 10th and Hookers advanced 8-7. They have Eggroll and LL Cool J who are capable of big scores, and are a strong opponent. In the end I’ll take the consistency of Tap in a real close one, maybe Birdman dropping a 200 game 3 to pull it out.

Wrecking Balls (-3) vs NED: here we have two more Tuesday teams rounding out the final four. It’s hard to believe NED doesn’t have a banner yet. That Trolls loss will haunt them for a long time. They looked like a solid contender this year (though Tap handled them), but after their seeding game lost Tush Christ to a broken collarbone or something. While his writing has been top shelf the team will miss his bowling and energy. Burt has been enough these first two rounds but things get significantly more challenging now. The Wrecking Balls have never made it this far but can almost taste the Finals now. Xander Rolle has been his usual strong self at the top of the lineup and was a great signing by Swanny. Biscuit Wheels was a 213 guy last time we saw him. The Dude has 13 years BoPo experience. Lulu and Soaresi vs Titty BB will be huge each game. Ultimately no Tush dooms the NED. Wrecking Balls on to the championship.

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