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YB2 vs Oddballs -1 So lemme start off by saying that all four of these matches are going to be tough to pick. Yeah I know I’m sandbagging myself but whatever. YB2 kinda flew under the radar this season despite being loaded with ringers. Maybe Thursday was just too boring for them or most likely too boring for me to pay attention. Why am I picking Oddballs? Because I’ve seen them 3 fucking times this season and got my dick kicked in on every occasion. Y’all were bitching about Covid and Twisted Tea was figuring out how to bowl. Don’t sleep on CJ and Dong but when the lanes get open, the Balls get hot

Sharks vs LOS -1 Double Cheese has been standing outside of Precious’ bedroom window holding a boom box over his head every night for the past week. Tonight we find out if he popped the bubble. If not it may not matter. Mostly because I don’t like picking my team to win. Haz Been is looking like a spry 70 year old and the Dep is gonna be barking all night. This one goes three for sure with Putt Putt SkiMask being the hero

BEER -1 vs Shake n Bake It’s tough to pick these matches because in my mind most of these peeps like me (probably not). BEER is down Railroad but that dude might be a huge jinx. Ricky V looks like he’s sick of being the team mascot and Hungus/Slow Roll are the only peeps who got to roll through all of this. General Lee is just General Lee (to me, for life). Shake n Bake dispatched their arch nemesis, DHD and are probably bowling with a chip on their shoulder, except Glossy who is rolling with a bag of chips on his shoulder. Lala is a boss and we will see how Tango reacts to his crazy near miss at the Oaks.

Skol -3 vs SOD Has Skol been tested at all this season? They get another layup here if the rumors are true that Couch is out? The easy road is never the best road and that’s been proven a few times or maybe I just made that up. Either way they do have the best bowler in the match in Gunzz. SOD had a crazy game three to advance last week and will need all of that to move on. I don’t see them mind freaking a team as solid as Skol this time around

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