Sunday Schedule and Doubles Info

The LOS vs Skol game start time has been moved back to 4. Shake n Bake vs Oddballs will still start at 3ish, unless they want to wait a half hour. B finals start at 3. Hopefully we get similar turnout to Thursday night, that was an awesome showing BoPo!

Now, Doubles info.

I’ve been getting lot of questions on doubles…so I came up with a plan. Anyone who has paid and wants a refund, including teams that advanced from the first qualifier, no need to complain about the format or schedule, just stop by the front desk and get your money back for whatever reason.

Xander/Spare-O and Frankie/Ding Dong are in the quarters, Friday Aug 14th
Glossy/Crackerjack, Hungus/Jerk, Flatline/Lobsterman, DDJ/Railroad, Couch/Jr Hoss and Sparetime/Dick Whitman made wildcard round Friday August 14th

So, for men’s side, we have the second qualifying day on Thursday August 13th starting at 5:30. The top two teams will get a bye to quarters, the next six will be wildcards, same as the first qualifier held back in March. Eighteen teams paid but I know some will not be playing and instead taking refunds. The cap will be 16 teams. Here’s who I have still registered that hasn’t opted out yet:

Roadhouse/Buck Ripcord
Jailbait/Hot Gravy
Le Uno/potato thumb
Boys McKracken/DC
Gen Tso \Gutterboi
Twisted t/Heartbreak Kid
Eminor/Brown Michael Cox
Splinter / Squeaky G
Guns/Has been
Doc Moose/G Force

Then on Friday, the wildcards will play at 5:30pm. The 12 wildcard teams will bowl three games for total score. The top four will round out the rest of the quarterfinals. The four automatic bid teams will play a round robin at the same time as the wildcard qualifying to determine seeds 1-4. Then there will be a bracket finals, each round a two game total pins match. So that’s men’s, sign up if you want, get a refund if you want.

Women’s doubles will play same dates. Qualifying is Thursday, August 13th at 5:30pm. Top 4 advance to semis/finals on Friday August 14th at 5:30. Sign up if you want, come get refund if you already paid and can’t make it.

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