All Day With Dick Whitman

LAST WEEK OF THE REGULAR SEASON!!!!! Damn that went by fast huh?! Big shout out to everyone for making the season what it was. No matter what, we are our own community at the lanes, and I’m extremely happy to be a part of it. Ok now on to the matches!


Well since Big Party’s team is way out, I can only assume they will get wiped by Glossy and the gang.  Tommy Gunzz will most likely finish the season 200 avg.  Glossy does not want to be below Dick Whitman in average so look for a big night from him.  Seems like BHT has a strong chance of still making the playoffs and finish a respectable 6-4.  I see this one over early.  12-3 


Nuggets got the team ready to go for the playoffs and so tonight may be a slip up.  I can’t see them losing at the end of the night, but I can see XXX making a solid push and keeping it interesting until the last few frames.  At this point in the season no one can really complain about the pattern and XXX is one of those squads that seem to get better the longer the season drags out. 8-7


I’m saying it’s the match of the night because it’s my team and this match is going to be awesome and fun to watch and play in. Master Splinters team is one of the most well-rounded tough teams I’ve seen play all year.  Squeaky G is punishing the pins pretty much every week and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down…. Unfortunately for them they are running into what I believe to be team of the year Thunder Buddies.  When I say team, I mean it.  The team average is far from the best.  No one has been in the top five for averages all season, but the team hardly loses a whole match.  Points one to 5 are always in play and my prediction is that is what will carry them to victory tonight.  I see a lot of buckets and cheers at this match considering Thunder Buddies is locked up to make the second act.  Look for a proud captain Dick Whitman to be singing his team along all night. 9-6


I’ll make this short. Hakeem has no shot. RIPcord JR Hoss and Spare-O won’t lose a point all night. Actually, Cupcake wont either. It’s too bad really because Hakeem’s team is fun and actually pretty good.  But tonight, the season ends for them. Hate to see it. 11-4

Beer Hunter VS Magic

The battle of the no chances. How did Magics team not make the playoffs!? Putt Putt is basically the Patrick Reed of Bayside. Only about 6 people are going to think that’s funny, but I do so whatever. It’s the only funny thing about this match. 606 avg with a 2-7 records shows why draft league is so crazy. I see Magic going out in style and taking this one down easily. 10-5

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