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Spring weather is here early, the days are getting long, and BoPo playoffs are in full swing.  Things are really starting to look up, and the bowling pressure is up too.

A huge slate of games tonight, and some teams with legit title aspirations will get knocked out before we even reach the quarterfinals.

B Quarterfinal

Lesbowlians (5-7) -1 vs B.A.R.E. (7-6): This should be a classic.  BARE has already faced the playoff pressure with an exciting win over BILF Tuesday.  They were a lifeboat for players whose teams folded this year, and Big Party and Pineapple have helped the cause.  Sticky got a chance to shake off the Hawaii rust Tuesday, and McEnroll has been a beast.  Don’t sleep on Marbles who got a league 200 this year and has been solid throughout.  The Lesbowlians are a franchise in their 13th season.  They clinched their first ever division title this year and they know they have an opportunity to do more.  The right side of the bracket is wide open with the four highest average teams all on the other half.  Tilt, Keglinger and the gang have a legit shot at a finals appearance and with all the work they’ve put in over the years I don’t think they’ll let that get away from them.  It should be very close again, but I think Lesbowlians punch the first ticket to the B semis.

A Prelims

Leisure Rolls (7-6) -7 vs Tattoos and Titties (3-9):  I’ll save the longer writeups for the Sweet 16 games, but schedule flukes give us a couple of prelim games tonight as well.  The Rolls had some huge wins and some surprising blowout losses.  They are fairly unpredictable.  I am willing to predict this win however.  T&T are stronger than some of their previous seasons, and I bet Greggoppolo finds his way into the match, but they will have a hard time hanging.  Magic always gets the most out of his team in the playoffs and I expect the same this year.

BUI (5-7) -1 vs Guacabowle (6-6):  This is a sneaky great matchup, and I’ve been talked into picking BUI because it’s the year of Snapshot.  He has had a breakout season, won free bowling, and otherwise dominated life.  He’s got solid depth behind him in G Unit and Thunderwood, and Ruby has quietly posted a 154 average.  Guac has the higher ceiling of the two.  Badger has been lights out and finished with a 220 average!  Sparetime has been posting tons of 250s in practice but hasn’t yet brought them to league night.  Cumstein isn’t walking through that door, as the saying goes.  Bonita will need to be solid, but it kind of comes down to Cilantro and Dicky Dubs.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised for them to prove me wrong in this one, but Guac just seems a little snakebit.  So, year of Snapshot vs little bit snakebit = BUI (barely).

A Sweet 16 matches

LOS (13-0) -5 XXX Club (3-9): Let’s start off with the favorites.  The 2021 LOS squad are looking to be the first undefeated champion since 2009 Binga’s and lock in their place as best BoPo team of all time.  They lost in the semis by one pin in heartbreaking fashion last year and came back with a vengeance.  Three guys over 208 average, and all-star Mama D rounding out an insane starting lineup.  Strike Dancer has improved all year, and Garlic Jones will be watching the playoffs from the bench with a back injury for the ages (he found a way to get the whole West side to himself for a few hours at least).  Even with their regular season dominance, however, they won’t have a single pushover on their way to a banner.  First up, XXX Club.  The Club finally broke through with a title in 2018 after a bunch of close calls.  They have the top bowler in the league in Ripcord who averaged a nasty 235 this year.  Roadhouse is emerging from his season long cocoon and starting to bowl like his old self.  Bora is rock solid, Juice is making his BoPo playoff debut.  Herk is the wildcard..before Tuesday he had been tearing it up.  He’ll need to hang with the giants in this one to pull an upset.  This is a great battle between championship franchises, and he Cheese vs Buck battles will be epic, but LOS is on a mission.  Albany Style Angela, Valley Girl Jess, and Hot Mango Mike will have a to wait a bit to pop those champagne corks.

Shake N Bake (7-6) -3 vs My Balls (10-2):  My Balls had a pretty remarkable season finishing in third place on Thursday by a few points over GOB.  Free agent signing Jr Hoss panned out and led the team with a 199 average.  They also played Casco Bay style on their own lanes.  They got a taste of league style last week and they’ll get a real test on it tonight vs a powerful Shake crew.  Whammo!  Tango had a monster year for Shake, buying time for Glossy and Squatch to figure stuff out.  Lala continues on her path to becoming one of the dominant women in the league, and D-$ is one of the most underrated dude in BoPo. These guys are deep and strong.  Maybe I’m overrating them after they crushed BEER’s dreams last year, but I think they move into the quarters.

Y&B2 (10-2) -1 vs Oddballs (5-7): Y&B2 pulled out the 2nd seed with a come from behind win over DHD in the last game of the year.  Like LOS, however, their nice regular season didn’t exactly buy them a cakewalk.  The Oddballs are perennial title contenders and finished with the 6th best average in the league.  They can go to toe to toe with anyone.  YB2 took a strong team and got stronger, bringing in Couch and La Gatita.  ITZ has a loaded starting lineup of King Ding Dong (208.5), Couch (202.5) and Crackerjack (19.2) and the real difference maker, All Day Lemay (195).  Oddballs can actually come close to matching that, but Nugget will need to be at her best.  The matchups in this are going to be pretty insane.  HBK and Cerrano have been lights out, Twisted Tea can be penciled in for 190-210 and Brooklyn looked to have figured something out Tuesday.  Both teams could make a banner run this season but one of them won’t reach the quarters…ouch.  Maybe we’ll get the first bowloff of the entire season. 

BEER (7-6) vs GOB (10-2): I’m too close to this one.  No prediction other than lots of alcohol and sidebets.

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