This Week In Bopo: Week 1

BoPo XV is officially underway. In these COVID days just that is quite the accomplishment. There were no celebrity bowlers and no elaborate banner raising. There were tons of teams calling out with COVID and schedule adjustments. At least we are underway. Any slowness from COVID and dry January will be long forgotten when we are finally able to have a proper Bowling Ball again for the first time in three years. If you’ve been living under a rock, the theme this year is the long delayed Wes Andersen night. We have an amazing all-star band of local musicians that will be playing music from Wes Andersen movies and you just know Mona Laudley will have this place looking amazing. It will be a special night. Now, who might be playing then? On to week one recaps.

Thursday A:

The LOS train keeps chugging along. The passengers were definitely feeling their celebration but still haven’t lost since 2020, beating Pen15 (formerly Tats and Tits) 10-5. OC made a triumphant return to BoPo after a year off beating TDYOB 11-4. DHD beat up on GOB in the biggest showdown of the night, cruising to an 11-4 win. Guacabowle lead the division after one week with a 14-1 beatdown of TMX (don’t call them Touch!). The Sultans also got off to a nice start with a 13-2 postbowl win over Lions. Finally, the closest match of the week saw Hooligans and new addition Ricky the Player edge Leisure Rolls 8.5-6.5

Players of the week:

Doc Moose, DHD: While Couch had three 200’s, none were as impressive as Doc’s high game of the night, 257

Mama D, LOS: Honorable mention to Luna averaging 186, but Mama D carried LOS to victory with a 224 in game 3.

Thursday B:

Thursday B features the most teams that sat out at least one of the last two years, so nice to see a full contingent back. Old veterans FC Portland got a nice 9-6 win over their rival Lesbowlians. New look Party Mix and cruised past Pinny Candy 12.5-2.5 overcoming a Payday 209. Strikes of Hazzard brought in A bowlers La Gatita and Senator ITZ and got the highest average in the division beating Bowlderdash 12-3. Granola Bowlahs beat B&B 10-5 and have brought in some youth to their lineup. The rest of the division took the night off.

Players of the Week:

Oolie, FC Portland: Welcome back, Oolie! His teammate Polly Metro had the highest single game on the team, but Oolie’s consistency got him the highest average in the division.

La Gatita, Strikes of Hazzard: She may win this a lot. Bean from Lesbowlians was really good, but La Ga did the same stuff over three games to win the honors.

Tuesday A:

The arms race was on again this offseason in Tuesday A, and opening night schowcased the results. Saucy Posse edged Oddballs 8-7, and averaged what may or may not be a BoPo nightly record of 854. Oddballs could only manage to average a measly 816. Binga’s also came out firing with a 818 average to chomp the Sharks 12-3. BEER beat Skol 12-3 in the ‘neither team bowled their best’ game of the night. Bowl Thugs leads the division with 13 points, getting their first win in two years, 13-2 over the expansion squad Groovy. Pindecent Exposure won a battle of expansion teams 9-6 over the Pocket Pounders, making them undefeated for franchise history.

Players of the Week:

General Tso, Bingas: Hard to knock a 241 average over 3.

Nut Sauce, Saucy Posse: Probably surprised to be in 3rd with a 238.5 average.

Tuesday B:

The defending champion Bowl Trolls had the night off, and Strikes on Tap threw down an early marker winning 15-0 over Burners with a 670 average. NED kept pace with their own 15-0 shellacking of a shorthanded Incredibowls. Minds in the Gutter knocked off BARE 10-5. Finally a tight match with averages over 600 saw Stranger Pins get past Wrecking Balls 9-6.

Players of the Week:

Phil Frames, Strikes on Tap: Wait, Phil Frames is in B?

La Femme, Strikes on Tap: Probably being subtly recruited by a dozen A teams right now

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