This Week In BoPo: Week 2

This week felt a little more like the real season started. We had full lanes both nights, every team in the league other than XXX Club now has at least one game, and the random trash talk started. Master Splinter launched this year’s war of words with a Facebook drive-by trolling of the Oddballs specifically, but more generally every team in the league. Here’s the best part, it wasn’t on behalf of himself or GOB, but on behalf of his wife’s team, Saucy Posse. The general argument is that they are an entirely different caliber of bowler than everyone else here, so give up now and accept your new overlords. I think it was a much needed shit stirring to get us back into heckling, and it certainly put an extra target on SauPo’s back.

Also this week DJ Asia made a superbly reviewed debut on Tuesday. Dancing was done by all. Lots of near misses on brick chases as well. Oh, and the aforementioned SauPo broke a 5-5 tie with a 966 game 3, which is pretty good.

Thursday A

LOS still rules the roost until it’s taken from them, but they are either trying to get rid of this multi-year undefeated streak, or in a serious championship hangover. They still beat TMX 9.5-5.5. DHD looking real good on top of the division after a 14-1 smackdown of HExy’s Hooligans. Guacabowle kept pace with an 11-4 win of their own over Lion’s Den. Sultans edged OC 8-7 with Jr. Hoss taking top point in game 3 to beat his old squad. GOB got their first win with a 12-3 cruise past BUI. Average Bros made their season debut and made short work of TDYOB, 11-4.

Players Of The Week:

G-Force, DHD: Keeping up with the son-in law, this one wasn’t close. Only one other guy (Jr. Hoss 200.5) averaged over 200. G Force averaged nearly 210 and had the night high of 247.

Mimi, Average Bros: Not sure if she’s a sub or a regular, but MiMi rolled a 222 in her first BoPo game. That’s enough for player of the week, regardless of the games 2 and 3 scores.

Thursday B

The Strikes of Hazzard continue to look like Thursday B favorites, winning this week 12-3 over Happy Hands. Pinny Candy evened their record with a 13-2 win over Bad News Sapres, but in BNS defense they didn’t even have a team until 3pm on gameday. Thanks for taking that team spot last minute! FC Portland overcame some wonky lane 20 scoring to beat back Granola 12.5-2.5. Lezbowlians got to .500 with a 9-6 win over ICBING, a team that quit the league for two hours Wednesday only to be reborn under new captain Rocky Bowlboa. Bowlderdash won a close one, coming back from 4-6 to tin 9-6 over Bowled and the Beautiful. Strike City opened their season with 10-5 win over Party Mix.

Players of the Week:

Lil Rusty, Strike City: Nice roller coaster start for ol’ Russ with the only 200 in B in his first game of the year (211), he collapsed to a 106 after, but bounced right back for a 178 game 3.

Tilt A Whirl, Lezbowlians: An average night for TAW is still player of the week stuff for Thursday B. She posted a solid a 165 average in the win.

Tuesday A

What are we even doing here. SauPo has already won it all. They obviously beat Bingas 10-5, including a 966 game and handful of 270s. Sharks beat up on BEER 10.5-4.5, including an awesome 858-858 overall tie in game 1. Skol edged Shake N Bake 8-7 in S&B’s first game of the year. Once it was over, Tango and Squatch both went ham with a 245 and 257 respectively. Expansion Pindecent Exposure has still never lost a game, beating Grovy 14-1. Oddballs got back on tack with a 14-1 win over Bowl Thugs. There was a solid 35 200s, including a 289, 278, 276, 266, 266 and 257. Nice night out there.

Players of the Week:

Karl Hungus, BEER: I looked for reasons to not give it to myslef, but 289-222-223 was good enough that I had to. Stuffed Crust had a 278 but his other game was a 161.

Nut Sauce, Saucy Posse: Two weeks, two awards. 203-276-240. Damn. Can anyone stop her from winning this category every week?

Thursday B

B.A.R.E. picked up a big win over Wrecking Balls, 11.5-3.5. Incredibowls battled back from 5-0 down to get their first win, 8-7 over Poultry Association. Bowling Stones started their season with a win in a nailbiter 8-7 over M.I.G. NED stayed undefeated with a 10-5 win over a very new look Hookers. Bowl Trolls started their title defense with a convincing 13-2 win over Burners on Friday night. Whoomp also won Friday, 9-6 over BILF.

Players of the Week:

Jon McEnroll, B.A.R.E.: Cris Cross had a very consistent 180 average over three, but I like big games, and McEnroll had the best game of the division with a 228 (and averaged over 180 as well).

Knuckles, B.A.R.E.: Great to see Knuckles back in the league. She was a big part of B.A.R.E.s upset of Wrecking Balls with 153 average over three.

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