Schedule Notes – No More Makeups

Hi everyone, there are a handful of currently rescheduled games. Sharks and Shake N Bake are playing their 3/22 game tonight. B.A.R.E. is postbowling tonight’s game on Sunday. Whoomp is bowling their 3/18 scores on 3/16, with Hookers bowling regularly on 3/18.

After that there are no more schedule changes. If you can not field a team of four, bowl with three. If you can’t field three, you can forfeit, it really makes no difference as every team makes the playoffs. I have done my best (and so far succeeded) at accommodating everyone’s needs, especially when COVID was peaking. At this point there simply isn’t the open space on our calendar for any more game changes.

Please look at the playoff schedule, which has been up on the website since late January, to understand your possible playoff dates. They are based on where you finish in your division and will not be updated or changed.

I understand most teams did not like the Friday games. I will likely have to reduce league size next year in order to eliminate the need for them.

Anyway, back to the season at hand. Three weeks left, good luck out there!

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