This Week in BoPo: Week 9 (and a little week 7)

I was gone for week 7, so let’s quickly give out those bowlers of the week

Tuesday A: Dirty Lew, SauPo – 204/225 Mt. Rashmore, BEER – 202/241/244

Tuesday B: Malcolm, Stranger Pins – 223/188 Lil Lane Master, Stranger Pins – 175/136

Thursday A: Space Farmer, TDYOB – 190/248/208 Mama D, LOS 212/267/202

Thursday B: Dick Strikes, ICBING – 224/146 Baeujolais, B&B – 181/138

OK, that’s out of the way, congrats y’all. 6 out of 8 first time winners.

On to Week 9. Quick highlights. Well, Oddballs enjoyed Mardi Gras, then drunkenly rolled games of 862-827-824. Yeesh. Saucy Posse handled yet another challenger to get to 8-0. Groovy knocked off XXX Club to give every Tuesday A division team at least one win. Yay! Thursday A still has a logjam for first with Sultans and LOS moving to 8-1, Guac to 7-1. A big Tuesday B matchup melted away as Bowl Trolls had to forfeit their match vs Strikes on Tap, so Tap stays undefeated. Lion’s Den and Bad News Spares are the last couple squads still in search of a win.

Bowlers of the Week

Thursday A

Jr. Hoss, Sultans: 248-225, nice set. Precious a close runner up with a 198-235-237, but Jr. Hoss had the best two game total by 1.

Mama D, LOS: 247-216. That’s three weeks in a row and 6 out of 9. Dominant.

Thursday B

Payday, Pinny Candy: One of only two Thursday B 200s, and high series with a 525.

Beaujolais, B&B: That two BOTW for Bo Julius! 171-163.

Tuesday A

Heartbreak Kid, Oddballs: Well, the whole team was insane as they averaged 840, but HBK was tops with a 247-233

All Day Lemay, Oddballs: It was Oddball week at the lanes. 214-198.

Tuesday B

Dinah Moe Humm, BILF: Great bowling DMH! The highest score of the week in B with a 210, and series of 525. Honorable mention to another long timer, Boston, with a 191-193.

Knuckles, BARE: Knuckles is having a great comeback season. 179-169 and yet another BOTW for BARE.

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