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A couple of big games Thursday, and playoff spots are shaping up (see my last post for playoff formats for winner and loser brackets). In Shots division, Clifford’s Balls has clinched the #1 seed and 1st round bye and are the last undefeated team. No one else has clinched a playoff spot, while CUNT and Booty are officially in the Losers’ Bracket. In the Bucket division, Nutty Buddies, Schwing, Magic’s Gathering and Herbn’z Entourage have all clinched playoff spots, and Bowl Hard can clinch one with a win Thursday. Trash Rangers and Cakeballs are officially locked in to Losers’ Bracket.

One thought on “Playoff Stuff

  1. Ok, let’s get nerdy. Putt Putt, Hungus, Dick Du Jour, Roadhouse and Lobsterman all alive for last three playoff spots. Putt Putt in with a win, a loss from Hungus, DDJ OR Lobsterman, or a loss with at least 1 more point that Lobsterman’s final points total. Hungus in with a win, a Lobsterman loss, or a DDJ loss. DDJ in with a win, or a Lobsterman loss. Lobsterman in with a win AND a DDJ loss or a Hungus loss or a Putt Putt loss if they make up 8.5 points. Roadhouse in with a Putt Putt and Hungus win, and DDJ and Lobsterman loss

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