Playoff Schedule 11/15

Winners’ Bracket – Games start at 5:30 (no 3rd game if decided in 2)


9&10: Spare No One vs Lady Fingers

11&12: Karl & The Gang vs Schwing!

13&14: Bowl For Initiative vs Herb’n’s Entourage

15&16: Magic’s Gathering vs Flock U2

17&18: Slap It Out vs WTTD?

19&20: Bowl Hard vs 2 Putts 1 Cup

Quarterfinals (immediately following)

11&12: Winner BFI/Herbn vs Nutty Buddies

13&14: Winner Karl/Schwing vs Winner Slap/WTTD

15&16: Winner Spare No One/Lady FIngers vs Winner Bowl Hard/2 Putts

17&18: Winner Magic/Flock vs Clifford’s Balls


Games start at 6:30 – all matches are best of three baker


1&2: Disco Turkeys vs Tears for Beers

3&4: Cakeballs vs Hooligans

5&6: Trash Rangers vs Beat That Booty

7&8: Smoky & Spares vs CUNT


1&2: Lobsterpound vs Winner Cakeballs/Hooligans (Q1)

3&4: Be Nice vs Winner Disco/Tears (Q2)

5&6: Frankies Bowling Emporium vs Winner Smoky/CUNT (Q3)

7&8: Turn & Burn vs Winner Trash Rangers/Booty (Q4)


1&2: Winner Q3 vs Winner Q4

5&6: Winner Q1 vs Winner Q2



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