Opening Night 16

It’s kind of creepy hearing Johnny Burnette sing it now, but the lyrics are less weird when referring to BoPo. The evolution continues, but I still think BoPo offers something for everyone, from the most competitive bowler to Holden Green. My primary wish for this season is better Bowling Ball attendance…it really is what the league is all about, and if you’re not in for the end of year party I’m not sure I understand what you’re doing. This year is James Bond theme, and Dan Capaldi is pulling together another themed band for us after last year’s amazing show.

On the lanes we’ve got a couple new squads – Team of the Year is a bunch of BoPo vets striking out on their own, and The Kids Are Alright is an influx of youthful newcomers. Pour one out for Strikes of Hazzard, Shake N Bake, Bowl Thugs and FC Portland, proud franchises all. We also have perennial Thursday power LOS moving to Tuesday, and the retirement of former MVP Double Cheese, bringing the percentage of retired members of Rooftop Session to 50%.

Really focus on the DBAD stuff – if you’ve got issues with other BoPo folks just keep it to yourself and away from Bayside.

Have a great time out there, enjoy tour Tuesday and Thursday social breaks all winter, remember there is a BoPo exemption from Dry January, and everybody love everybody! See you on the lanes.


One thought on “Opening Night 16

  1. Didn’t know Holden could even add “bowler” to his resume. All that guy ever does is get knock-down, blackout drunk and try to swindle people out of their hard earned money…That being said, happy to have that degenerate on the best night of the week – TUUUESDAAAAY!

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