Ding Dong Lines

Hard to believe but we are half way through the 2020 Draft League season.  Uugh.  Time to pull my shit together and roll a lot better!  The averages seem to be climbing a little bit, but not nearly as high as we would like!

We are on the early shift this week, so remember to be on time and try to roll a few strikes so the All Day division can get on the lanes before 9 pm…ahh, who am I kidding.  Fuck those guys, lets rage tonight!  Early is the new late!

First match up a real doozy, maybe a preview of a huge playoff match??

Tales From the Pit (-1) v. Spare My Broken Hole – I am firmly on the Pit bandwagon now (and not just because my teams bandwagon fell apart in a blaze of booze and smoke week 2), and I think Lala and Tango are a 1-2 punch that will be very hard to beat.  Last week they were pushed in a bowloff, and Mmm Waffles was clutch, Swanny was clutch, and Clam Hands rode the wave from his pre-game to help the team get a win:

Still waiting for the invite, Clam Hands.

Holden is leading the division in average, and he seems dialed in.  But can he beat both Lala and Tango for top point every game he rolls?  Me thinks not.  Heartbreak Kid will need to also be huge tonight, and while I see them rolling well, I don’t think they have the depth to get it done tonight. 

Flight 2020 (-3) v. FUCOVID – Couple of teams that could really use the boost of getting a win tonight.  Flight 2020 has been close, but hasn’t won enough for the Commish’s standards.  Sticky Fingers busted out a 244 last week for FUCOVID….but when you roll a 97 game 1, the average isn’t going to move much.

Flight 2020 is led by Hungus, but LL Cool J and Seatown have been huge for the team.  Most of the time, anyway.  That trio will get their points, but will need some contributions from the others to close the deal.

I think this one will come down to a battle between Dutch and Burt the Bandit.  Both of them are not rolling well, and have been seen hitting the gym trying to bulk up in hopes of rolling better:

Not sure how effective that’s going to be but I appreciate the effort!

Blue Dream (-1) v. Make Your Mark 300 Proof – The hot start for Blue Dream is a thing of the past, and 300 Proof has been coming on of late.  So why did I pick Blue Dream?  Because I am an idiot, that’s why.  Besides, you aren’t reading this for detailed bowling analysis, you want to laugh a few times and see the matches for tonight.

Captain Frankie has been dropping the hammer on his team this week via group text, and has threatened to banish members for poor results.  Here he is with Commdr Striker and T$:

While that may motivate the troops, I see Nut Sauce dropping a huge game tonight to ruin the evening for Kingshit Ding Dong and crew.

Baeside Rollers (-3) v. STD – Baeside took Tales From the Pit to a bowl-off last week, but could not close the deal.  Cheese is not meeting his usual standards, but Brownmichaelcox and Mama D are getting it done.  Danks has been solid, and Viqueen is always steady.  I think that will be enough to get past STD.  And Cheese is confident his team trip to the brewery will fuel them to victory…of course Danks left a little sad, but whatever:

STD has not rolled as poorly as their record suggests, but sometimes there are teams that always seem to end up on the losing side of things.  They are trying different lineups, and DC and Hot Gravy even hung out last Tuesday to try to build some mojo:

The weird part was that White Russian did the same with Gutterboy a couple days ago:

Umm, not too sure what to say about that.  Moving on…

Double Deuce (-3) v. Balls of the Caves – I rolled against Double Deuce on the new side last week, and those lanes seem to agree with them.  D$ was excellent, and Roadhouse came off the bench and rolled a 253.  Hard to get a lot of points when that’s happening. 

Balls of the Caves are piling up some wins, they are having a solid season, led by their Shamen Shooter McDabbin.  Shooter had not been rolling well recently, but Ricky Vaughn stepped up to give him the pep talk he needed.

On second thought, give me Balls of the Caves by 15.

I love this one:

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