Ding Dong Lines

What up Ding Dongers!  We are starting to look like we know what we are doing out there on this pattern now, as almost every team has an average over 600 now.  In fact, FUCOVID is the only team below 600, but only by 52 pins, so lets just round up and say we all are averaging a 600.

We have only 4 weeks left, and we are early again this week.  Remember, show up on time, wear a mask, and never forget section 5.20

Only 6 of the 10 teams in our division make the playoffs, and as it stands right now there are 4 teams with a 3-3 record, 2 of which will make the show.  And this season, I think it is truly a crapshoot who wins it.  I mean, we know it won’t be FUCOVID, but beyond that it’s anybody’s chance to win.  Wins are at a premium, and safe to say you may need 6 of them to get in.

And as always, please continue to keep up the safety protocols in place to make sure we can all keep bowling.  We have done an excellent job keeping each other safe, let’s keep it up!  Hungus has been especially vigilant….here are Joe, Nuber, Dakota, and Weston walking in for work last Thursday only to encounter Hungus:

On to our early matches:

Double Deuce (-1) v. STD – I think this will be a close one.  Sparkles has been up and down, and he will get to determine if his team wins or not.   Get the good Sparkles, it’s a win for Roadhouse.  Get the bad Sparkles, it’s a loss.  I guess by picking Double Deuce by 1 I am expecting the mediocre version.

STD is only one win out of the playoffs, and a head to head win would be huge for them.  I expect Gutterboy and Lobsterman to continue their strong rolling of late, and they need to get a win to stay in contention for a playoff spot.  They are close, but not quite there yet.  A loss pins their backs against the wall and they will have no room for error the rest of the season. 

STD does have Hot Gravy on their team, and he was someone I was hoping to draft, the guy has quite the backstory:

Blue Dream (-3) v. FUCOVID – Also on the new side this evening will be a matchup of teams that are riding some losing streaks.  The great start for Blue Dream is a thing of the past, and they are riding low on a three game losing streak.  The crappy start for FUCOVID is also a thing of the past, and are also riding low with a three game losing streak.

This is a “loser leaves town” match.  By that I mean the loser of this one is not making the playoffs.  The winner might not either, but the loser for sure is not making a run.

Nut Sauce is a stud, and I like her chances to get top points.  Mountain Man and Phil Frames will also be just fine, but they will need some help from Gutterslut, The Fuge, or Cap’n Slow Roll to seal the deal.

I’d look out for Jon McEnroll in this one.  The guy is knocking on the door of a huge night, and one of these nights it’s going to happen.  The one person on FUCOVID I wouldn’t worry about is Dutch.  Here he is trying to knock on the door of a huge night:

Spare My Broken Hole (-3) v. Balls of the Cave – When your team has the top dog and 2 of the top 6 in the division, you are going to win a lot of games.  And that’s exactly what they will do tonight.  That mid-level depth of Balls of the Cave will get them some points, but not enough against the division leading Spare My Broken Hole.

Holden and Heartbreak Kid are rolling well.  They are both trying to constantly one up each other, and their friendly competition spills over into almost everything they do.  Spladdam even recently judged their beat boxing, winner gets to roll anchor:

Maybe they just have Brandy roll anchor instead.

Hit ‘em with some knowledge, Shooter!:

Tales From The Pit (-1) v. Flight 2020 – I am still a believer in Pit, even though they are rolling below their standards of late.  And my team almost took Flight 2020 to three games last week, so we know they ain’t that strong.  Hungus is clutch, LL Cool J or T’Mater Sauce may throw up a big one, but the big variable is Burt the Bandit.  Last week he broke out of his season long slump bigly with a 202.  Will he do that again and ruin the night for Lala and Tango?  Based on my prediction, I say no.

Tango and Lala will need to rely on Clam Hands to get the pins he needs to get them the win.  Hungus told me last week he wishes he had drafted Clam Hands so he could have scored an invite to his epic pre-party routine.  Me too.  Here are a couple of his BoPo teammates talking about the parties:

Maybe on second thought I will let Hungus go alone on that one…

Baeside Rollers (-1) v. Make Your Mark 300 Proof – On paper, this one should be a straightforward win for 300 Proof.  But this year, anything can happen.  And lets not forget that Baeside has a lot of depth that will steal a few points and I think get them the upset win.  

Kingshit Ding Dong, Skinny Frankie, and T$ are all killing it.  Cheese, Brownmichaelcox and Mama D are doing just fine.  But that leaves another 3 rollers for each team who will have to step up to make some noise and I will take Viqueen over Princess Pinnacle  and Baeside escapes with the win!

And then they leave in style:

Love that movie.  Hello Lady!

Another fun tune to boogie to tonight, this time it’s a for real grrrrl power tune:

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