Ding Dong Lines Week 8

Ding Dongers, only three weeks to go to make the playoffs!!  Time to put it in gear.  FUCOVID is the only team officially eliminated, but if I were on STD I wouldn’t be feeling to good about now.  Even the reigning champs are on the outside looking in right now, interesting times for sure.

Farmer and his eliminated teammate Bowl Murray decided to warm up their podcast chops now that they have been eliminated:

No wonder they keep losing. 

Bowl Portland is around the corner, and Hungus has sent out word to register your team once you have things figured out.  Save money by registering before Thanksgiving!

Ding Dongers, we are LATE this week, so remember the drill.  Show up around 8, hit the mezzanine, and when Hexy gives you the green light…..bowl!

We will start on the new side this time:

Spare My Broken Hole (-1) v. STD – Our division leaders look to stay on top and remain in one of the bye positions for the playoffs, and will be pushed to the limit tonight against STD.  Gutterboy and Lobsterman will push Holden and Heartbreak Kid, while DC and Quaalude King Hot Gravy will give Jailbait and Brandy a huge challenge.  That will leave Spladdam and  Spare Me to hold off White Russian and Bullet.  I see all of these matchups being close, but there is a reason one of these teams has 6 wins, and the other only two, so give me Spare My Broken Hole in a close one.

Heartbreak Kid likes to park in some spots that are “technically” not legal, but he usually gets away with it.  Lucky for him Holden was there to help him manage the parking ticket situation:

Make Your Mark 300 Proof (-5) v. FUCOVID – I have heard FUCOVID’s bowling scores being compared to a prostitute’s underwear; Sometime they’re up, sometimes they’re down, sometimes they ain’t there at all.  Ba Dum Tss.  Thank you, thank you, I’m here every week.

Make Your Mark is way better than the bozos they are playing tonight.  Kingshit Ding Dong is challenging for the division average title.  Skinny Frankie is rolling well.  T$ always is a threat for monster game.  I don’t see them being challenged too much.  Bet you guys don’t know how Skinny Frankie and Ding Dong met, do you?  You all thought it was at a bowling alley, but no:

Just looking at that crowded airplane was weird to me.  And Frankie/King Ding Dong, you’re welcome for not identifying who was who in that video.

Here is Sticky Fingers watching Anthony Simonson roll for Team USA in the Weber Cup in bowling this week online:

Baeside Rollers (-1) v. Flight 2020 – Another super tight one to predict with major playoff implications.  Loser picks up their 5th loss of the year and their shot at the playoffs goes down tremendously.  One of these teams will be leaving all happy and giggly after pulling it off; the other will leave with heads hanging low as their dreams of a draft league title take a hit.  No pressure, though.  Here’s pilot Hungus trying to bring his team in for a smooth landing this season:

Every matchup in this one is pretty close from top to bottom.  Hungus v. Cheese, Mama D v. LL Cool J, Brownmichaelcox v. Burt the Bandit, T’Mater Sauce v. Viqueen, Seatown v. Tron, and Danks v. Lil Bit are all within less than 10 pins, so it will take a couple big games from some clutch rollers to be the difference and get their team a win.  I could see Danks dropping a big one tonight, and I will go with that as the difference.

Slow Roll checking in on Pilot of Flight 2020 Karl Hungus up in studio A after the match:

Double Deuce (-1) v. Blue Dream – Another huge game with major playoff implications.  Both teams are currently 4-3 and in the playoffs.  But a loss will send someone to the outside looking in, and tonight I think it will be Blue Dream getting the loss and leaving themselves with some work to do in the last couple of weeks on the season.

Main reason this will be super close is that Nut Sauce seems to be super dialed in right now, and Slow Roll seems to have found her tequila groove, so look for 3 games from their ace in the range of 185 – 197, and that will get them points…Seven of them to be exact.

Bora Bora will be a hero in this one.  She has a couple huge games already this season, and she will deliver tonight in a much needed win for Double Deuce.  And then she goes and makes quite an impression at work on Casual Friday:

I have an admission to make.  I have never watched an episode of The Office.  No clue if that’s a classic scene or a classic character, really know nothing about the show.

Tales From the Pit (-3) v. Balls of the Cave – If you discard the shitshow that is FUCOVID, the range of team averages in our division is super tight, with less than 20 pins separating first from ninth.  So really anyone can beat anyone on any given Thursday.

However, Tales From The Pit have 5 bowlers averaging over a 150 right now, and that is some seriously good stuff on Earl Anthony 43.  That type of relentless pressure will get you wins, so I am expecting Tales From The Pit to move to 6-2 on the season, and leave Balls of the Cave having to get wins in the last 2 weeks of the season to make the playoffs.

And with things tightening up for playoff spots, it appears that Rutherford Vaughn is getting a bit up tight himself.  Keep it in your pants, Tommy!  Word on the street is that he drug tested his team, to make sure they are all in tip top shape for the home stretch:

Well played, Shooter!

Clam Hands and his lady last night:

Gotta hang with this dude some more!

Late matches are made for grooving!

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