Splinter Goes All Day

All Day All Day!!

All Day Division may have the only team with no wins thanks to Tecmo Bowl, but they do have the stronger division. Play offs are three weeks away and the top three individual averages (sorry Holden) and the top two team averages all belong to the All Day Division. Shows me that the champs will come from this division. This week will be fun as five teams are in a must win situation and four teams are fighting for those all important byes. Then there’s Tecmo Bowl….

Tecmo Bowl (0-7) V Off The Top Rope (3-4)
Beer Hunter will be ready to slam as many beers as necessary to keep pace with Dick and Deputy and their 100’s of Truly’s. Sorry Potato Thumb, Fisher Price and birthday girl David Bowlie, but these guys are stealing the show, again. I see them taking this show to a stellar 0-8. On the other side, or should we say on the top rope. Splinter has his team placed high atop the ropes looking to make a run at the play offs. With the top team average, they need to stay hot! Polly Metro, Tilt-a-Whirl and Hollywood are all warming up to their new gear. Squeaky G and Sparetime seem to just keep winning points now. This is an easy win to help get one step closer to the playoffs.

Potential match of the night:
XXX Shooters (3-4) V Dream Team (3-4)
One team will be 4-4 and in a great place to sneak into the play offs and the other, well, see you next week. Hakeem and his G’s use another inspirational speeches from Island Boy to showoff tonight. Shooter McGill stays filling frames and then La Femme and Egg Roll come up huge in this one. The dream stays alive for one more week XXX Shooters have a lot of tools to make this an incredibly close one. All Day Lemay does her thing as will Cro Magnon, Boom Hammer and Capt. Insanal. 8-bit and Red XXX will do their best but unfortunately fall short in this one.

Now for my upset of the night:
Magic’s Gathering (2-5) V Thunder Buddies (5-2) Magic is clearing the way with his 20+mph strike ball. Putt Putt in the top 10 for averages and always making a run at high point. Cleveland, Magic and Biscuit wheels will be looking to grab those second and third points while Inferno and Sparesi Lanester have career nights, the gathering pulls out the big upset.

Thunder Buddies have made plenty of noise winning five matches while having one of the lowest averages in the division. Scores don’t matter if you win! Tso fires another 200 last week and will need more this week. Dick Whitman, Flatline and King Lettuce need big weeks to keep pace. I see Kelly Kabowlski and the broken Crowbar holding their own in this but just not enough. Maybe it’s the thunder curse coming back. Magic in a close one 8-7

Blow out of the night:
Striking Gold (2-5) V WAB (5-2) Big Party looks great in his gold shorts. He is also waiting for Cracker Jack to win two points on his own, or maybe it was take two shots on his own. Either way Ric Spare will have flashing shoes, as long as the batteries aren’t dead. Lil Mo Ink and Ice Ice Mary will give as much effort as anyone. Then again, there is El Mango who might practice more then anyone. This team is possibly the most fun team to bowl, but you are bowling the “potential” draft league champs tonight. Sorry guys! Great season, enjoy the last few weeks. WAB! Nugget has managed to get possibly, the most well rounded group of people this year. Herb’n Legend blasted 263, 224 last week. Yeah, he’s good. I mean he did beat Walter Ray a couple years ago. Then again rumor has it, he slept in his truck a few weeks back. Add the old veteran, Mr. Florida, and Tommy Torpedo.. you have a solid 676 for those four. Plan D and Sledge Hammer are nothing to forget about either. Doesn’t matter what line up these Wet Ass Balls put out tonight, they will be moving to 6-2.

My favorite match of the night:
Bowlers of the Hidden Temple (5-2) V Cake Balls (5-2) Glossy is chasing his man crush Buck Ripcord, found himself gawking at Buck’s new ball last week and now has the same one for himself. I’m sure you’ll shoot 250’s like he does. Squatch did fire a huge 246 last week along with Tommy Gunz shooting another 200. All that hot bowling got them a loss. Looking to rebound, Chatty, Bates Master and Smash Jackson will be hoping that the new ball carry of Glossy helps get them back on the winning track. Two straight loses could be bad heading into the play offs. The other lane has Cupcake and Titty! Probably two of the coolest ladies at Bayside. These two have surprise pick Jr Hoss, Captain Spare-O, Snapshot and Buff Broadway all putting up solid number on this tough pattern. They will grind away at it and take points all night. Oh yea that Buck Ripcord guys is on this team. Who cares about your 250 games. We all liked you better when you couldn’t shot 200. You made everyone feel better about their game on this pattern. Way to ruin that, Buck! I see Cake Balls winning and holding pace with WAB. Yup, Balls on top!

All these words and who really cares! Mask up until your beers are poured and then bottoms up. Cheers to week 8! Fuck yea!

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