Keep Their Heads Ringing

Eight matches down, only two matches to go!   And as of today we only we have 4 days until the election, where I hope all of you will vote.  But maybe not for these guys:

Or this guy:

He’s not running either:

Ding Dongers, we are LATE for the last time this regular season, and we have a ton of matches with major playoff implications this week.  But before we get to those, lets start with the two eliminated teams, STD and FUCOVID.

Spare My Broken Hole (-7) v. FUCOVID – FUCOVID is not made for late matches.  They gather as a team for some bonding prior to their matches, and they meet at the same time regardless of when their match starts.  So for late matches, it can sometimes get a little sloppy.  Just look at Dutch at our last late match pre-game after a spirited game of charades against Sticky Fingers:

Poor guy herniated a disc barfing like that, so he will not be able to roll tonight, so expect three games from Farmer and Sticky.  Which means:

Holden Green is holding onto the top spot in average for the division, and doesn’t want any funny business (like rolling a 17 last year costing him a season average bet to yours truly) to ruin his chances.  So expect him to be dialed in this evening.  Heartbreak Kid will continue to fight to stay in the top 10 of average.  Add to that Jailbait, Brandy, Spladdam and Spare Me, and I don’t see them being challenged too much.

I feel bad I mentioned Heartbreak Kid’s parking last week, as he got towed….thats some tough karma!  But it all worked out once they located his car:

Well, then Holden had to get home himself:

Tales From the Pit (-5) v. STD – At this time of the year, STD is playing spoiler.  And a loss by Pit could mean they don’t get the bye in the first round of the playoffs, so plenty to play for.  The depth of Tales From The Pit is simply too much for most teams to handle, including STD.  Clam Hands, Swanny, and Walter will all pile on the points and get their team the win and keep them in the drivers seat for a bye in the playoffs.

Gutterboy took his team on a field trip to learn about their team name origins this week, looks like it was fun:

And don’t worry, in this week’s episode of Clam Hands Pre-Party, we see our hero had to visit the doctor to get a little check up to make sure he’s still okay:

Just kidding, that wasn’t his pre-party, that happened Tuesday.  Here are brief snippits from his last 12 hours with Tango and Swanny leading up to match time:

And here they are tomorrow morning:

OK, Clam Hands, it’s official.  TDYOB is looking for bowlers this year, and it seems like you’d fit in well with us.  Please see me this evening.  Don’t worry, Hexy doesn’t read these.  She’ll never know.

OK, on to the matches with real playoff implications:

Double Deuce (-1) v. Make Your Mark 300 Proof – Upset alert!  Double Deuce started the season slowly, but they have come on super strong of late, and get a big win tonight to punch their ticket to the playoffs.  They all seem to be rounding into form, and Roadhouse has now accumulated 5 200’s on the year, second only to Holden in that category. 

Make Your Mark has a super solid team.  They all seem to get real scores out there, even if Commdr Striker needs more than his fair share of Brooklyn Love to get a 200 like last week.  Skinny Frankie is looking good, down over 100 pounds in 2020, and his bowling ain’t too bad either.  I think T$ is the man to watch tonight, though.  If he drops a big one, they can get the win.  Will it happen?  Not sure, but tonight I’ll take Double Deuce in a close one.

I credit the Double Deuce turnaround to their team bonding, I hear they have been carpooling to games and that has brought about some real comradery.  Here are D$, Pineapple, and Sparkles picking up Capt. Roadhouse for the match:

Quite a team.

Blue Dream (-1) v. Baeside Rollers – Is this the end of the line for Baeside Rollers?  Or a rallying cry they will talk shit about in 2022 when we can all go back to bars and, you know, talk shit?

Both of these teams are in playoff positions, but one will likely be out after this evening.  So there really is no room for error.  Lucky for Blue Dream, they have Nut Sauce.  This just in:  She’s good.  A big night from her and a slip up from Holden and she could be tops in the division for average.

I see this coming down to the scores from Tron, Viqueen and Danks on the Baeside crew versus Gutterslut, The Fuge, and Slow Roll for Blue Dream.  This just feels like the kind of night where The Fuge busts out a huge score, and that gets Blue Dream the win, and sends Double Cheese off the deep end:

Under-rated movie.  Should watch it if you haven’t.

****************  MATCH OF THE NIGHT  *****************

Balls of the Caves (-1) v. Flight 2020 – This one is super close to call.  And with both teams hanging onto hope for a playoff spot, this is a huge match for both of them.  Up and down the roster there are close matchups, and I am putting my faith in Bobby Bluebettle in this one to get them the eighth point they need tonight to keep alive for a playoff spot. 

All year I have been using Boomhauer’s ramblings for Shooter, but this week Lil’ Pickle gets the King of the Hill video as she gets to do the team cheer:

At the beginning of the year, Hungus told me his team was loaded.  At first I thought it meant they were very good, turns out he meant they were a bunch of drunks.  Especially the pilot, take a look at Seatown and LL Cool J checking in on their captain, with a huge save from Burt the Bandit before the match!:

Banana Boats a coming! (sounds like a great cheer for tonight…maybe not as good as Lil’ Pickles cheer, but still).  And not for nothing, Harling Mays is a pretty sweet bowling name.

Now it’s time to do the late night thing.  Seems like one of these types of nights….

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